Goin Postal

An odd bit of synergy happened last week. I was at work listening to Tauren Think Tank, a great podcast about Wow, and oddly enough they started talking about work. (For those that don’t already know, I work for the US Postal Service)

In particular, they were talking about making Garrosh the postmaster of the Azerothian post office after he loses his job as warchief.

Now, I thought that was kinda fun sounding. Even better would be making him his own faction, complete with daily quests.

You see, in the wake of the cataclysm the Azerothian post has been struggling. Portals were destroyed, trade routes disrupted, and worse yet the Venture Company is trying to muscle in on the delivery business.

For years they have worked quietly in the background, and now they need the help of heroes like you.

There will be awesome new daily quests, and not just the package delivery you might expect.

In The Pony Express you will be asked to ride a route as fast as you can, making deliveries along the way. Similar to ram running at brewfest, but with a few twists you’ll have to discover on your own.

Ridin Shotgun is a quest reminiscent of the supply delivery quests you Horde folks might remember from The Barrens. Nothing quite like getting chased down by hordes of Venture Company employees to make your trigger finger itchy.

Now, Our troops on the front lines are always looking for that next letter from home. In Air Mail you will join with Harrison Jones once again to fly bags of mail to the troops. Watch out for Venture Company planes that try to knock you down, after all, every delivery you make is money out of their pocket!

Now, for those that accept the challenge there are great rewards to be had. Here are a few examples.

Starting at Friendly, and continuing as your standing improves, you will receive a 5c discount on all mailings, and they will arrive 10 minutes earlier. By the time you make it to exalted your mail will only cost 10c and will arrive in 20 minutes!

At honored the Pep-R Spray trinket becomes available. The trinket allows even non-rogues to blind an opponent once every 5 minutes. (Subject to diminishing returns, etc)

At revered enchanters gain access to Pattern: Enchant Boots Gort-Ex. Decreases damage from ground effects by 30% and provides a minor run speed increase.

And finally at Exalted even non-Engineers will now be able to place their very own portable mailbox!

There are other quests and rewards still in the works, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they are.