First thoughts on Mythic raiding

Once upon a time, actually last time we went to Draenor I was an officer in a raiding guild. Oh, and It was called Outlands back then… in the future.

Speaking of, did anyone else just see Garrosh driving past in a funny looking DeLorean?

Anyhow, I got home from work last night and tried in vain to find a copy of the opening ceremonies to watch. Failing that I started trolling the WoW news sites looking for info. Several things caught my eye. I think I’ll write about the new raiding format first.

The gist of what I got from it is that all raids will be availible in a scaling flex format from 10-25 raiders, with the exception of the new “Mythic” raids which will be a fixed 20 player format.

One of the first things I read scrolling past on twitter after that announcement was that the worst 5 players on your 25’s team just got real scared.

Well, honestly the ones whos jaws probably hit the floor hardest were the guild leadership of 10’s guilds. They were just basicly told to double their roster if they want to do cutting edge content.

I’m really not sure how I think this will all shake out yet honestly. It should be better than the transition from 40’s to 10’s (for Karazhan) then to 25’s. I know that 10 to 25 step killed a lot of guilds, mine included.

With the ability to raid at a flexible size at all other difficulty levels I don’t really see it having a huge effect on the more casual raiding guilds. Possibly a bit more turnover as some gear up and move on to higher progressed guilds at end game, but thats always been the case.

What I expect is to see quit a lot of turmoil as things sort themselves out, and there will arise guilds designed to field a 20 player team. They will raid normals as 20’s and carry right on thru to mythic without a blip.

More casual guilds on the other hand might have any number of raiders (well, from 10-25 on a given night) and may even try to field a 20’s team if the numbers are there.

In the long term I see it as a positive thing, but a lot of  good guilds will die to get there, especially smaller ones. Even those that don’t will be forever changed.

For myself, I doubt I’ll ever see the inside of a mythic raid. Normals is plenty for me.