You’re Grounded!

So, Insomnia is a damn nuisance.

It does however give me extra time to read up on things and even toss out the occasional blog post. Good with the bad I suppose.

Anyhow, The reason I brought you all here today was to talk about flight. More specifically flight in the new old world of Draenor.

Based on a few blue posts I have read today it appears that flight will be used as a gating mechanism, preventing players from trivializing the content of the leveling zones. That part I can understand. No flight until max level.

Well, it appears that there will be some progressive storyline type questing at the level cap which makes it valuable to the experience Blizzard is trying to provide to continue not having flight available. You know what, that doesn’t bother me either.

I work with machinery in my daily life, I work with interconnected systems. For some reason it just seems right to me that we don’t fly until max level. Quite honestly had they decided to not ever allow flight in Draenor I would have been OK with it.

Alright, I may have grumbled a bit, but it would simply have been how things are.

With new longer term storyline questing at max level and such I see the logic. Frankly if I have to give up flight in order to never do another daily quest I’ll take that trade.

Where it sounds like they may be making a grave error is the way I interpreted what it will take to fly again. A long and involved quest chain, the end of which won’t be available until after patch 6.1, and a “sizable” sum of gold. Both of those are meant to make you work for it, to try to re-achieve that feeling we had years ago when we hit 70 and were able (if you could afford the 500g) to fly for the first time.

Believe it or not, I don’t mind that. Make me work for something, and it gives me a goal to attain. The harder the task the more I’ll appreciate the reward.

There is something that worries me in all this however.


I love me some alts, so do many of you. I know people right now with nearly every class at max level, both Horde and Alliance side. What about them?

Are they going to have to slog thru the same long involved quest line on a dozen characters just so everyone can fly?

Is Blizzard going to have a mechanism similar to the WotLK method where a max level character with flight unlocked could buy a tome of flight for the upcoming alts? I sincerely hope so.

I wonder, this is just a thought, if Blizzard is trying to gear the game more towards having one single Main character. One to be in charge of the garrison, one to be able to fly, one to be able to do all the things.

One Character to Rule them all.

I guess time will tell.