Maybe I never really left?

There is a lot of hubbub about the upcoming expansion, most of it good. I read up on the changes planned for the game, and decided I would throw down a few bucks on a game card.

Yes, I know, the changes have yet to happen.

I have been quite happy with everything I’ve read. It’s like they read my mind, figured out all the things that had turned me sour on the game, and at least made an attempt towards fixing them. That plus tossing in extra cool stuff I hadn’t even considered, like the Garrison for instance.

(I wonder if I can name mine Mister, so it can be Mister Garrison?) *Shut up Brain, I’m trying to write*

Anyhow, I think the biggest thing that got me back now is the promise of an honest to goodness world event. I’m really quite excited about it.

I’m even willing to come back and level my planned new main character to 90 now. I could get him there just by buying the expansion, but if it’s half the fun that the zombie invasion was the hours of slogging thru old content will be worth it.

First thing I did was go poking thru my stack of heirlooms for gear suitable for the pally that I plan to level. I found pretty much everything I needed, scattered across the half dozen characters on Draenor.

Imagine my surprise when I found that heirloom shields had been added to the game. That one took me a bit off guard, but hey, I’ll take it. A bit of points shuffling and a few quick BG’s on my old 85 Hunter and I had a shiny new shield.

Apparently we can also upgrade our heirlooms now? the old level 80 ones? I seem to remember hearing about that shortly before I left the game. I still need to look into that, it would be nice to not need to worry about gear, and get the leveling bonus, all the way to level 85.

 After about a half hour of shuffling and buying, and bank searching he’s now kitted with heirlooms, bags, and a bit of cash. All the aspiring adventurer needs.

Standing at the start of all things, in front of his very first quest giver.

The journey to 90 begins with a single step.

2 Responses

  1. Are you starting your paladin from the beginning?

    Regarding upgrading heirlooms, I lucked out and had enough Darkmoon Faire tokens to upgrade my heirlooms, primarily the ones that provide bonus xp. Apparently I spend more time at the monthly faire than in dungeons (you can also upgrade them with justice points, I think; if not them, then the other ones!).

    For heirloom weapons, there are level 80 blues (not just weapons) introduced in Mists that are ridiculously overpowered. Keep an eye out for them in the auction house as an upgraded heirloom pales in comparison.

    Welcome back. I don’t know how long you’ve been away, but I took 6 months off this year and it is mind blowing how much can change in just half a year’s time.

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