Bucket list?

So lately I’ve heard people talking about Mists of Pandaria  bucket lists.

Are there that many buckets that we need to list them all?

Does that have anything to do with this expansion being MoP?

I mean, yes, MoPs need buckets, but why a whole list?

Oh, my bad.

You ment THAT kind of bucket list.

Boy, I feel silly now.

Well, I’ll tell you what, here is my bucket list in a single picture.


Thats Dechen, the Pally that I am nearly done leveling towards this next expansion.

I came back to the game right after Blizzcon, recharged and excited. Not so much for this expansion, which just never really clicked with me. I’m excited for the expansion to come.

In my opinion both Cata and MoP were rather lackluster. I’m hoping to fall back in love with the game with WoD.

Anyhow, my list.

Its pretty simple really. Since I came back after quite a break, I started from scratch with a new character. She is currently 89, though I hope to fix that soon.

  • Finish Leveling Dechen to 90.
  • Level Fishing, Cooking and First Aid to max.
  • Choose two professions and level them as well.
  • Gather the set of armor I want for transmog. (The Karazhan tanking plate)
  • Liquidate all the excess stuff I have in my assorted guild vaults.
  • End up with one banker guild and bank alt on each faction.
  • If I still have time, pick a class to level Horde side and do the same over there. (if not, that’s my free 90)

I think that just about covers it for me.

I’m so far behind I don’t have any raiding goals, no major achievements to grind, nothing really other than using this content to get ready to launch into WoD straight away.

How about you?

Any plans?





3 Responses

  1. I have quite a few achievements I want to complete before the next expansion, and I would really like to have a go at Challenge modes, though everyone I know has ‘been there, done that’, so I’m not sure if that is going to happen.
    Other than that I’m grinding raid mounts with a friend, and I am hoping at least one of them will drop before then, but so far we have had no luck at all from Kara, Ony, Malagos, TK, Dragon Soul or Firelands. Gods of RNG, hear my prayers!

  2. Main plan… same as for every expansion in the wind-down period… complete my sell-off of expansion-specific stuff on the AH. Gems, enchants, raw mats, etc. I usually have a decent stockpile going so this is when I stop buying and ramp up the using/selling.

    Secondary goals… slowly work most/all my sub-90s up to 90 (they’re all 85+ so that shouldn’t be a huge task over time), finish off leveling my primary professions, get a decent raiding weapon on all active toons (about half-way there), get a normal Garrosh kill on someone while it’s still an achievement… spend more time with some specs/classes that I might be interested in playing more in WoD than I do now…

    More wishes than goals… get a few more flex+ BoA weapons from Garrosh… find myself a regular raid, either just for MoP or perhaps going forward… learn how to monk heal… learn how to warrior tank… learn how to druid (in general)… cherry pick some easy achievements, never spent much time hunting achievements but I’m sure I’m missing some really quick/easy ones…

    And yes, I need to plan a server and toon for the boosted 90, too.

  3. Hey Dech, I’ve tagged you for the Liebster Award. Please see this post (http://vmandc.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/ive-been-chosen/) for details. I know it sounds like spam, but I’m urging you to write again. Try not to hate me for it ^.~

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