Doing some remodeling around the ‘ol blog


This has been a long time coming really, I’m going to be cleaning up around here.

My Blogroll is hopelessly out of date, there are still links to my old World of Warcraft characters, there are guides and such for WoW that are years out of date, along with some things I have posted over the years that still apply to my life.

Well, I plan to start writing again, but I have nothing much to say about gaming anymore. On the other hand I’ve been writing in this space for a really long time. Instead of just starting over I think I’ll be converting this space into a general purpose blog about my life and in particular the outdoor activities I enjoy.

Over the next few days I’ll be trying to figure out a way to segregate all the older WoW posts while keeping them. I’ll also be going thru and updating the blogroll.

On top of that I already have a handful of posts in draft, so I’ll be posting those about once a week or so.