Leveling Fishing and Cooking at the same time (alliance version)

Leveling Fishing and Cooking at the same time.

This is not going to be an all inclusive guide to fishing or cooking, it is designed with a level 70 (appendix for 80)character in mind, that perhaps never got around to leveling these secondary skills on the way up
This is just my opinion of what would be easiest and fastest to do, I have however done this on 2 characters now and it has worked well.

For starters let me say you can do the entire process in about 14 to 15 hours start to finish, and that although 375 cooking is nice I am only worried about getting to 350 since at that level you can cook any recipe in the game.

Starting in Stormwind, go see the cooking and fishing trainers, get the basic skills, a fishing pole, and 3 or 4 shiny baubles (+25 fishing),3 or 4 night crawlers(+50 fishing) and a couple stacks of bright baubles (+75 fishing lure)

Head to Goldshire, speak to Tharynn Bouden 42.67 and buy the recipes for brilliant smallfish and longjaw mud snappers. Talk to the innkeeper and pick up 20 alterac swiss, you’ll need it later.
Start fishing in crystal lake, stay there till you have gotten 60 to 70 brilliant smallfish.

Head back into Stormwind and fish up 60 lto 70 longjaw mud snappers.
Build a fire, cook your fish, remembering to stop between 50 and 75 to go train the next level of fishing and cooking. you should have fishing of about 75 and cooking about 100.

Pick up a big iron fishing pole if there is one in the auction house (+20 fishing skill) and a pair of cheap gloves to put the fishing enchant on (+2 fishing) also pick up 12 giant eggs and 10 zesty clam meat for later.
If you cant pick up the big iron fishing pole(usable at fishing level 100) you can do the quest “Rather be fishin” in Shattrath and get “seth’s graphite fishing pole” which has the same +20 bonus but can’t be used till fishing level 200. You can pick up the quest from Seth at 64.16 in lower city.

Next up is a trip to southshore, find Linda Rabonne 50.61 and pick up the recipes for bristle whisker catfish, rockscale cod, and mithril head trout.
Head east to the river and fish up 100 to 120 bristle whisker catfish, this should be enough to get your cooking skill to about 175.

Once again don’t be like me and forget to go train, once your fishing is at least 125, preferably closer to 150 head to Ashenvale and speak to Shandrina 49.67 to buy the expert cookbook,
Next head down to Booty bay and speak to Old man Hemming 27.77 to buy the expert fishing book “The Bass and You”

Head next to Arathi Highlands and fish the lakes outside Stormguard keep. Fish for Mithril head trout till you have about 60 or so, then continue to fish till you have 225 fishing and you should have more than enough to get cooking to 225.

Note: As of patch 3.0.8 the artisan quests for fishing, cooking, and first aid are no longer required to continue leveling the skill. They do, however give skill appropriate quest rewards and XP. As such, they are still worth your time if you are leveling.

Artisan quests

Now for the super easy run all over the place quest (note must be level 225 fishing and level 35 to continue)

Head to 58.60 Dustwallow Marsh, talk to Pat Neagle and accept the quest ” Pat Nagel angler extreme”
He will tell you to go catch him 4 rare fish,

First head to 62.51 Feralas and fish up you Feralas Ahi

Next head to 25.77 Desolace and grab your Sar’theris Striker

Fly to Ratchet, take the boat to Booty bay, and then go fish up your Savage Coast Blue Sailfin at 33.32

Then head to 90.72 in the Swamp of Sorrows and grab your Misty Reed Mahi Mahi

Head back to Dustwallow Marsh and hand in the quest.

NOTE: there is a known bug with this quest, once you turn in BEFORE LEAVING fish till you are at least 226. if you do not it will sometimes bug and you will be stuck at 225 forever.

Alrighty we are Artisans now, it’s all downhill from there right?

Then for our cooking quest, (note must be level 225 cooking and level 35 to continue)

Go to ironforge, speak to Daryl Riknussen at 60.37 and accept the quest “I know a guy…”
Travel to Gadgetzan and speak to Dirge quickcleave at 52.28 turn in and pick up the quest “clammette surprise” if you did your shopping earlier just turn in and you are now ready to head to 300 cooking.
If not, go do you shopping, i’ll wait here. /tap foot
Your back? excellent, turn in and we are done.

Now for our next adventure we are going to head straight east from Gadgetzan to 67.22 and talk to Gikkix, pick up the recipes for spotted yellowtail and poached sunscale salmon.
Got em? good, now head to the end of the pier and fish us up about 60 spotted yellowtail. cook them up and odds are you are sitting between 255 and 260 cooking.

For our next mission we will head out to Bloodvenom falls at about 42.48 or so in Felwood and fish up a bunch of sunscale salmon, fish here until you have a fishing skill of 280 or better, cook up what you have and cooking should have just stopped dead at about 285 or so. While you are in the neighbourhood head over to 31.43 and pick up the recipe for Baked salmon, and pick up 20 soothing spices.

Now here is the part that makes no real sense… the best way to level your skills in the old world is to head to Outland. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back.

The first thing we will do in outland is take a shopping trip. head to Innkeeper Biribi at 56.53 Allerian stronghold. pick up the recipe for golden fishsticks and spicy crawdad.
Next fly to Orebor harborage in Zangermarsh, talk to Doba to 42,28 pick up recipes for feltail delight and blackened trout.
Go to Cenarion refuge and talk to Naka 78.63 to get your master cookbook
Then run over to the coast at 78.66 talk to Juno Dufrain and pick up the recipe for blackened sporefish and the Master fishing book “The Art of Angling”
Stay right in that area and fish until you are at 300 or better fishing.

Now head back to the old world, work your way over to Winterspring, and end up at the pool at 31.43. fish up 20 whitescale salmon, cook them, and presto! you are now at 300 maybe 305 cooking!
Sit right there, learn blackend trout and feltail delight recipes. Then cook all you have from fishing in Zanger, you will stop skilling up on those at about 330 or so. Then learn the blackened sporefish and golden fishsticks recipes.

Head back to Zangermarsh and continue fishing at Cenerion refuge till you have your fishing skill at 330 or so. if you are cooking what you catch you should be at about 340 or so cooking at this point.
Fly back to Shattrah and go to pretty much any water in Terrokkar (I prefer the pond at 39.22 because it has no mobs near it, and is right outside town) fish yourself up 10 or so golden darters, cook them up, and Grats! you can now learn the spicy crawdad recipe you bought and cook just about anything in the game.

As far as finishing leveling fishing goes, you level it pretty much anywhere. It is based on the number of successful casts, not the level of the area you are fishing. you could go sit in Stormwind and level all the way to 375 while spamming the trade channel for instance. This is mostly set up to use leveling the fishing skill to level cooking with almost no extra effort. Personally I sat in Zanger and finished leveling my fishing keeping what I could use and selling the rest.

Hopefully this is of at least some use to someone other than me.

Update: with the release of Wrath of the Litch King we can now go as high as 450 in our trade skills. I addressed the issue in a post titled “Fishing and Cooking 375 to 450, the lazy way” which is linked here.


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