Grats! now L2Tank

It’s been an interesting few days in Dech’s world.

Most of the reasons I haven’t posted have nothing to do with Wow, and as such won’t be included here. One thing that has been occupying a good chunk of my time lately though is all about Wow.

More specifically about one of my characters.


Drupadi the Death Knugget had spent months doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, nothing but her daily jewelcrafting quest and crafting glyphs to help team Dechion with its overarching goal of owning more gold than they need. Somehow she dosen’t think she’ll ever see that though, Dechion simply is not ruthless enough.

Silly priest, always seeing the good in people, always trying to help others.

That way lies madness.

Oh well, at least he keeps the bar tab paid.

Months she sat in Dalaran, content to enjoy her 74’th season. Nearly retired, she even had thoughts of shipping off to Ironforge and taking up a new career as a banker. If it werent for the voices she would have found a nice tavern there to move into, hanging up her sword forever.

Then, rumors started to surface. Rumors coming out of the area near Icecrown.

Travelers through the tavern in Dalaran told of a flaw in Icecrown’s defenses. A small thing, not enough for an army, but for just a few perhaps.  One grizzled old Dwarf particularly deep in the cups even talked about putting together a strike team. A group slated to go deep in the bowels of the citadel and kill Arthas where he would least expect it.

Where he lives.

Diashan got up from her table, tossed a heavy pouch to the barkeep, and headed out the door.

The voices had been particularly nasty of late, she needed to tell someone to shut the hell up.

She had let herself get into miserable shape. Her gear was a random hodgpodge of things she had found on the bodies of those that had fallen to her blade. She had even cleaned most of their blood off before taking it as her own. She needed some exercise, and a new suit of armor.

After all, one does not simply walk into Icecrown.

Two weeks later…

Now as she has been training she began putting a few odds and ends into the bank towards the day she might be called upon  to do some tanking duties. A bit of armor here and a mace there, the occasional trinket or gem. All towards eventually heading into Icecrown and telling Arthas to shut the hell up to his face.

She will likely just get killed for her efforts, then again it’s not like it would be the first time.

An Alchemy experiment

When I posted my leveling guide for Alchemy  a few days ago something kinda surprising happened.

It got comments.

Not that you wonderful folks don’t comment often, you do. It’s just that the content of the post was not one that I expected to generate much response.

Thanks… Seriously, it’s nice to know folks appreciate the work that goes into some of this stuff.

Well, in these comments a valid point was brought up. Is it possible to level Alchemy essentially for free?

Good question. I decided to try and answer it.

Yesterday I went to the auction house and bought the shopping list in that post with about an extra 15-20% of each item. The only exception was the dark jade, huge citrine, and eternal fires for the earthseige diamond transmutes. I already had more than enough of them sitting in the bank on my Jewelcrafter.

All total I spent just over 950G on that list of mats. If you include the value of the transmute mats it would have cost me roughly 1250-1300G to buy it all. This was without waiting for good deals to show up in the auction house, just taking the cheapest of what was available.

Yes, I dropped over 1000G on an experiment for my readers…. what of it?

After my spending spree I sat down for the rather tedious semi-afk process of leveling. Roughly three hours later I parked Drupadi for the night. In that time she had gone from nothing to 425 Alchemy and had the mats on her to push to 435 with stacks of stuff left over.

I decided that since I was planning to specialise in transmutation it would make a good bit of sense to go ahead and do that before I did transmutes to finish leveling. With the help of many donations of outlands primals from my guild, the wonderful Sidhe Devils, I will be finishing my transmute master quest right after I log in today. I’ll finish leveling up right after that.

Then comes the fun part, selling all the stuff.

As of now I shuttled all the stuff I made off to an alt that usually spends his time cooling his heels in Darnassus. It may take a while to get it all through the auction house, so I figured I could separate it like this and see how much I really get back from selling all my leftovers.

Will I make the 1400G I need to make his pay for itself?

Only time will tell.

Everything I need to know about Wow I learned in the Barrens.

Once upon A time I was looking at creating my very first character. We have all been there. Some of us still have that character, some don’t. Either way many of us have other characters we play at least as much, if not more. I was thinking back last night about how my first character set many long term attitudes within the game.

I was not totally alien to the concept of gaming, but it had been a long time, and the games were pen and paper. I had several friends that also played, but they were busy raiding and had little time for running around helping out a noob. I asked one about it, he told me that I would be more than welcome in guild once I had leveled up. He held the attitude that I would learn my class better if I did not have them to fall back on. So I ran shiny new, unguilded, and pretty much clueless. I read the official class descriptions and decided on a druid. It seemed like the best choice, I did not know what would be expected of me at level 60, but the druid seemed equipped to handle it all.

Now while it was nice to have high level friends on the server, A little more info would have been nice. This is not to say I got no help, as a gift for making level 10 and completing my bear form quest the druid friend of mine swung down to where I was at and made me four ten slot bags. I remember those helping out loads. All I had were two six slotters I had found at the time. I also had not yet discovered what the bank was. At least I made good profession choices with skinning and leatherworking.

I learned everything I needed to know about the game from the game itself. The first thing I learned was that wrath and moonfire were great. I learned to keep my buffs up on myself too, they helped. I learned with bear form I could put one and later two heal over time spells on myself, become a bear and last a long time. Bear soloing was slow, but I could understand it. I reached level 20 and learned cat form. It seemed so different than bear form. It’s could put out more damage, but I found I was dying lots trying to figure it out. I decided bear was better for soloing and stuck with it. I wonder how things would have been different if a higher level druid had stumbled upon me and steered me in a different direction, but it did not happen.

I was looking at talents and thinking that bear form already works well, and I don’t use cat. I made the decision to make my spells better. I think I was specced mostly balance with a sprinkling on resto mixed in. Looking back through the lens of several years of play I know what I was doing wrong, but at the time I just did what worked. I looked at my skills and tried different things till I found something that clicked. Once I found something that worked I stuck with it. In the same way a child learns not to touch hot things, I learned what not to do by trying and failing.

One day as I was happily soloing my way through the barrens I receive a whisper asking if I will go do wailing caverns with a group. I have never been in a group so far, but I will give it a shot. After all, how bad could it be? I might even make a friend or two.

The group was a warrior, a hunter, a mage, a rogue, and myself the druid. I looked at the group makeup and decided (correctly) that I should be the healer. I have never healed anyone other than myself. This is the first time I have ever seen party frames as a matter of fact. It was by far the worst pug I have ever been on. Looking back I can tell the warrior was fury and had no intention of tanking. The general plan seemed to be engaging everything in sight by separate people trying to solo or dual mobs. I kept trying to heal but was going through mana way too fast and they seemed to not understand I needed to drink.

The only one that seemed to know what was going on was the hunter. He trapped things in big blocks of ice so we could deal with them later, he used his pet to pull bad guys off of me when they tried to chew my face off, he even made them run in circles trying to catch him. It was funny in a way, almost like a three stooges kind of funny.

We wiped. After each time the warrior, rouge, and mage would get in party chat blaming it on the noob druid. Yes in fact I did let them die, I only have so much mana and repeated chain pulls without time to drink wore it out. It was also really hard to keep up with three people who were each trying to fight their own fight. They wanted to hear nothing of it. One by one they left. In the end it was just me and the hunter. We went on for a while with me healing his pet while he killed things. It actually went better after the others left. Unfortunately there came a time that the pulls were just too much for the two of us. We called it a day and left.

I learned several valuable lessons from this run, not all of them true.

1. Never ever go on runs with people you don’t know. (I still rarely pug)

2. The healer will be blamed for all wipes. (even if the mage forgets to sheep and instead Aoe’s in 4 extra mobs)

3. I enjoyed healing (believe it or not trying to keep up was fun)

4. A well played hunter is a huge asset to a group.

5. Rebirth is a good spell to have in a group, always carry a few seeds. (never used it soloing, so I saved the bag space)

6. Two people cooperating can do more than five all trying to solo the place.

7. People blog about Wow. (the hunter told me about Petopia and BRK)

8. Tauren can use thunderstomp to piss things off (oops, I just used it for the stun)

9. Standing on top of an ice trap is a good place to be if you are healing.

10. Mark of the wild and thorns can be put on other people as well, and should be.

I went back to leveling solo, never again answering a whisper for an instance with that character. I had learned a few things from the run that would pay off later though. I always tried to buff those around me now that I knew I could. I started reading Wow blogs, first Big Red Kitty and then his blogroll.

About a month after this the friends I had started playing with decided to switch servers. Ours was a bit overpopulated at the time and they decided to go to a shiny new server. Most of them would be transferring characters over once it opened up for transfers, I knew I would not. My druid had made it to the mid thirties. I don’t recall exactly where but I had travel form but no mount. It would be pointless to move him at that level, better to just start over. I liquidated everything I had. Then gave the cash to someone who was transferring later so he could pass it back to my new character.

I went to the new server and stared at the character screen. That is when I rolled the hunter that I still have. I took up engineering and mining because of the other hunters jumper cables. I rolled solo that way for a long time. I always remembered that first pug. I learned to trap, I learned to control my pet, I learned to try to help out others when I can. If you take anything away from this (assuming anyone reads it, lol) remember that the other characters have people behind them as well, treat them as you would like to be treated. If they are new don’t mock them, help them. You might just make a lasting impression on someone.

It took me almost a year to finally get around to leveling another healer, but that is a story for another day.