Blizzcon is here! And I QQ about it! News at 11:30!

It is happening this very weekend in sunny Anaheim California, and I am sitting at the office staring at the wall.

I had every intention of going this year. Despite the 5000 or so mile round trip if I drove. Despite the airfare and hotel costs that could easily have added up to enough to buy a good used car outright. Despite the difficulty of getting vacation set up after December in a shop run by seniority. Despite it all I was going to be there.

Even if I had to use up all my sick days I was going to be there.

Even if I had to eat MREs and sleep in my van I was going to be there.

Hell it would have been worth it just to have one of these.

Photo courtesy of MMO-Champion

Photo courtesy of MMO-Champion



Then Murphy showed up and proceeded to beat me about the head and shoulders with a series of things that simply made it impossible to make it. Even if I was one of the lucky few to get a ticket during the feeding frenzy, which I was not. Nor did I win the opportunity to purchase a pair in the Lottery, Curse you Murphy!

It seems that I can’t even buy a copy of the pay-per-view on DVD. I do not have Direct TV and I can’t get it without breaking another contract that I have now (or paying for 2 services for a year). Since that is not in my budget I figured I would find a friend with Direct TV and a DVD burner that would let me order and record the coverage at their place. Once again Murphy kicks me in the head, looks like that is not going to happen. Apparently no one that I know has both the combination of the right electronics and the desire to give up their TV for 16 hours this weekend.

Looks like I will spend a good chunk of my day checking my blogroll for folks who did make it and dropping in on MMO-Champion from time to time to check for updates.

On the plus side the Twisted Nether blogcast is doing a live round table this evening at 11:30 PM CST (yes I realise that is technically Saturday morning for you east coasters). I might even be able to go lurk in the chat room for that one, so perhaps my weekend is not a total washout.