What a Day

It’s Tuesday.

Patch day for 5.0.4.

It’s a work day, and a raid night, and the day all my addons will implode.

It also happens to be my birthday, and that of a few other bloggers I know as well. Oestrus of Stories of O fame, and Hestia of Hestia the Druid.

By the way, thanks Blizzard for taking away minimum range. Hell of a birthday present.

I sat down several times, trying to think of a line or two I could write about the patch, things that hadn’t already been said by hundreds of other writers. I’m serious. While I’m just as excited about the patch and all the new shinies it brings, I really didn’t think the interwebs needed another post detailing the changes.

That been done.

The only thing I can say thats different is how it makes me feel.

I am more excited with todays changes than I have been about anything WoW related since the zombie invasion. I’m happy with it. Giddy even.

Hell, I’m looking forward to all my addons dying on raid day. It’ll be fun watching everyone raid with shiny new characters as they learn them all over again.

With that I’m off to go watch the progress bar.

Happy Patch Day folks, see you in Azeroth.

I’m writing this from my phone

Over the years, here and other places, I have never chosen to write one on my phone. Honestly, smartphone or not, it’s a different feel.

I figure I need to get used to it though.

You see, in a completely unexpected (by me at least) move, Blizzard announced yesterday that all features of World of Warcraft remote are now free to use.

My personal favorite, guild chat.

The few things I’ve noticed in my poking thru it is that your character must be at least level ten to show up in the armory, and must show in the armory in order to log in.

I guess I’ll have a bunch of level ten chatting alts soon, instead of level ones. Well, that or a bunch of Death Knuggets scattered across the serververse.


My first impressions of Mists of Pandaria (Beta)


Holy hell, it got dusty around here.

A good long time ago now, I closed up shop on Dechions Place.

Honestly, I’ll be surprised if anyone is still listening.

If you are, thanks.

Anyhow, I stopped writing about WoW mostly because I simply ran out of things to say.

Thats changed now, at least for a while.

I’m back, and looking to do some exploring. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I actually wanted to write.

Fimlys, of the very awesome Twisted Nether Blogcast was kind enough to gift me with a beta key.

I went in, looked around, and sat down to write a little something with the first few screenshots.

The first thing I did was transfer over one of my level 85 characters, a Hunter to be exact. I’m interested in seeing how it feels to not have melee, and to see the new talent trees for myself. I logged into him, made sure he made it ok, and then promptly logged out.

More to follow on him later.

The next thing I did was to roll a Monk, to see how it felt to play one. Say hello to Dechion, the Human Monk. (saving the Pandaran starting zone for another time as well)

I really liked the new character creation screen. Not only do you get the same customization options we already have, but you get the ability to see what your character will look like in higher level gear.

I kinda like that.

There is also a race change option for existing characters, though I’m assuming thats simply a beta thing.

I proceeded to killing wolves and goblins and such in the Human starting zone. I found the Monk plays very much like a Rogue, which makes sense as they use energy as well. I also had a very easy time getting used to the idea of Chi. (The Monks secondary resource)

In my mind it was just like building Holy Power on my Pally, or possibly like Rogue combo points, but they stack on your character instead of the target.

That made me think, I wonder if doing a Chi generating move against a critter will build Chi. Kind of a way to front load before combat…

I digress, thats way down the road.

The animations seemed fluid and well done, overall I really liked it.

Probably not enough to abandon my Hunter in favor of one, but enough to level one to be sure.

I played him as far as level 5 and parked him at the Inn in Goldshire before it was time to call it a night.

Before I logged I made a quick pass thru some of the interesting features that are coming up. I looked at Pet Battles only to find the pet battle UI made my screen lose its mind. Once again, I’ll come back to that another day.

The Mounts tab was a bit of a surprise, though I really don’t know why I expected any different.

It pulled over the mounts into my Monks tab from my Hunter. Actually, I should say, it pulled some of them. That character has five or six mounts, but only two are random drops. Those two showed up, the ones he has purchased over the years did not.

I have no idea how it will work with mounts like Nether Drakes that required a rep grind prior to purchase, as he didn’t bring anything like that with him.

Last but not least, there was a question bouncing about in my head for quite a while now. I pulled up the achievements tab to help answer it.

It looks like you can do partials of the world events on different characters, as this was the achievement log for my lowbie Monk, showing half of Brewmaster already done. I also learned that titles transfer to all your characters, as I was looking at a level one with “The Explorer” already next to her name.

Well, thats all for a hastily thrown together first impressions post. I figured it was more important to get it down while it was fresh in my mind than to spend a long time trying to polish it.

More to follow.

If you think of anything you’d like me to check out, leave it in the comments here, or catch my on twitter as @Dechion .