WTF! Group Ninja?

I seem to have the most interesting luck using the dungeon finder, yesterday was no different. I started the day with one group of cross server guildies and ended a few runs later with another. The runs in between blur together in a haze of healing whack-a-mole, but the two on the end stand out.

In the first I picked up a group for The Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme. One of the first things I noticed was that I was the odd man out, the other four players all being from the same cross server guild. (Man, I really should take more screenshots. You guys were awesome and deserve your 15 minutes of fame.)

Anyhow, right out of the box I get asked if I have a Shadow spec on my Holy priest. A bit of an odd question, but I told them that I do.

They then asked me to swap out to Dps, keeping Vampyric Embrace up for AOE healing. Put together with a few renews and the occasional flash heal it worked like a charm.

We proceeded to tear through the place like it was not even there. Hell, I quit putting DoT’s up on anything other than bosses. Everything else was down so fast it didn’t make sense to.

The thing that sticks out most in my mind though was what happened when we (easily) beat the timer. The boss was down and as always the Reins of the Bronze Drake dropped. All five of us passed, we all have one already.


Now like book ends to my day there came another cross server group. All from the same server, and three from the same guild.

Actually I take that back, not like book ends at all. Book ends are the same, these were as different as night and day.

The last heroic of the day dropped me into Trial of the Champion, A short, fun, instance.

We go in and buff up in silence. Actually they were likely on vent, but I was not there to be social, I was there for the badges. Over all it was a slightly messy, but effective run.

I was having random minor lag spikes during this particular instance. I still don’t know why, as it was just that run that it happened during. Two times others paid for that with a repair bill.

No wipes, but two individual deaths.

The part that got me was what happened in less than 3 seconds from the time the Black Knight bit the dust. As he went down I was already casting a Prayer of Healing. I decided to let it finish to top folks off before hitting “disenchant” on everything and heading out for the night. I generally make sure everyone is topped off before I leave, mana is cheaper than food.

What happened you ask?

In less time than the heal took to cast I ended up standing back where I started in Dalaran.

I had been kicked from the party before the boss was looted, and was out of the instance by the time they saw what dropped.

Now that’s an interesting new way to be a ninja. I know Blizz wants doing things as a guild to be more attractive, but somehow I don’t think this is what they had in mind, so I let them know about the little exploit.



Now, not only do I feel the need to let Blizzard know about this particular little exploit I think, as a community service, I should let all my wonderful readers know as well.

The funny thing is I don’t need a damn thing from that instance except for badges. Hell, I have even stopped greeding on the frozen orbs, I have nearly a full stack in the bank for crafting already. I just take pity of people with that have so little in their life that they feel obliged to steal…. nothing.

Pixels on a screen.


So, here in the order of their Dps are the group of asshats that I plan to avoid in the future.

Or maybe just drop group on the first boss pull… If I ever see them again.



I find it incredibly funny that the Rogue and both Death Knights are officers in the guild Axis of Justice. Oh the sweet irony. 

The Ret Pally from Storm Forged was not guilded with them, but a vote kick within seconds after the last boss drops is just a little to coincidental fo me.

So congratulations to Nocando, Giantswan, and Roxanna from Axis of Justice, and to Ortherion of Storm Forged on Dethecus. You have earned you 15 minutes of fame.

I bet your Mamma is so proud.



Playing favorites

I got to thinking this morning.

If you have been around for long you know that usually is followed by some random observation about life, Warcraft, or the state of mind I happen to be in. Today however, that is not the case.

Instead of reading the news or any other such thing I decided to look through my past posts. I have quite a few posts I really enjoyed writing. Some were funny, some were serious, some were not even about Warcraft. Hell some were not even on this blog.

Anyhow, since I spent my time woolgathering instead of brainstorming I don’t have any good ideas for todays post. On the plus side I did spend a good amount of time enjoying some of my other stuff. 

I suppose instead of just ignoring my friends on the intertubes I’ll just afflict you with  “best of” list.

Well, maybe not the best, but some of my favorites anyhow.

Not so funny stuffs:

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Kinda funny stuffs:

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Stories about that place thats not Azeroth:

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Fan fiction/ stories:

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Stuffs from my other distinctly non-WoW blog what might be entertaining:

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And there you have it, the perfect post for a day when I had no idea what to write.

This ticks me off…

Todays off topic rant brought to you by the inconsiderate a$$hat who just burned me with his cigarette butt on my way home from work.

1. Watch out for other people, you might pay taxes for them but you do not own the road.

2. The world is not your ashtray, if you decide you want to smoke please keep your debris to yourself. Buy a %^$#ing ashtray already.

3. To the teenage looking girl who almost ran into me when I nearly laid my bike down, get off the &^#$@ phone and pay attention to driving the car.

4. To the grizzled old biker guy who stopped to make sure I was ok when I had pulled over to get a$$hats cigarette butt out of my shirt, thank you. It goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.

That is all, rant over.

Look for the next installment of my warlock project on Monday when I get back from camping.