I’m tired

I have been doing some thinking lately.

Yes, I remember, that always leads to trouble.


Warning: melancholia and general whining to follow.


I love leveling. Seeing new areas, or even the same ones through a different perspective. I have leveled dozens of characters to level 40 or so, and 6 characters I started have made it to 80.

Unfortunately there is a finite number of times I can run the same content over again before I simply get bored with it. This holds especially true when I have the carrot of Cataclysm being dangled in front of me. It’s like the expansion designed for folks who like leveling…

That’s why my Druid was leveled almost exclusively through the dungeon finder. I healed my way to 80, and I am once again getting sick of healing. last time that happened I packed up my priest and transferred him to my sons account.

I think I’ll at least keep the Druid, but I am pretty much done with him until expansion time. Assuming I am still chasing that carrot and not playing Mario Golf or something else that is more entertaining.

Something tells me that is far more likely.


Question Blizzard, how long do you think i’ll keep walking towards that carrot before I finally just give up and go play something else?


I am tired of the same worn out quests. There are only so many ways you can go kill ten rats before it’s just old.

I am tired of never getting to raid because my gearscore is not leet enough for the asscandles that are putting pugs together. 

I am tired of people that are complete jerks in LFD 5 mans, just because they can be. That goes especially for asshat primadona tanks.

I am tired of never having the time to run group content with friends when the friends are actually online and not already doing something.

I am even tired of making money in the auction house.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I’m tired of Wow.


I’m taking a break.

Maybe a permanent one.

I think you just got yor answer Blizz.

Mario golf is sounding pretty good right about now.


I sentence you to anonymity

As my longtime readers (all 17 of you) might remember there was a time when I had me a little issue with a group of asshats in a pug.

Actually, there have been many times I have run across jerks in the LFD, I just quit talking about it.


Because I realised after last time that all I managed to do was make them feel far more important than they in fact were.

I gave them their time in the spotlight, their 15 minutes of fame.


Not this time.


So from now on asshats  just get names I make up.

It does not make them any less real, it just robs them of their 15 minutes. After all, I wouldn’t want to encourage asshattedness.

Actually today everyone gets names I made up, because… well it’s my blog and I got it that way. (or perhaps I left all my notes and screenshots at home, that would make sense too)


Todays post is brought to you by SquishyPally and a series of heroics I ran on GSchallengedDrood last night.


The night started with Heroic Culling of Strat. A place I have healed many times on my priest.


I was repaired before the run, and my gear was red when they decided to kick me (at the last boss).

People died… many times.

Usually starting with me. 

Right after I would pull healing aggro off of SquishyPally.

This is even with UberHunter misdirecting every time it came off cooldown. 

I could rarely spare a single GCD for the Dps, when I was not chain healing to keep the tank up I was healing myself through the adds that kept beating on me.

That was on trash.


If I hadn’t known better I would have thought he was tanking in cloth.


In short they dropped the boot on me after telling me my GS was not good enough for healing heroics.

I grabbed a short break to watch the Mythbusters blow up a cement mixer in the show my son was watching, then repaired and picked up another group maybe 20 minutes later.


Yep, you guessed it. Same instance, different group though. I’ll never see SquishyPally again, he is tops on my ignore list.

Group comp was similar.

SuperPally was tanking with GSchallengedDrood healing. Firemage, UnholyDK, and UberHunter were on Dps duty.

We blasted through the entire place like it was not even there, finishing off the event with 5 minutes left on the clock. (grats to UnholyDK on his new bronze drake)

It was a nice, relaxing run.

Hell, it was enough to put my mind at ease about grabbing one more before I logged.


I queue up, and what pops?

Occulus, everyone’s favorite.

Better yet, I see that I am a replacement and there is a pile of skeletons right inside the door.

They wiped on the first pull at least twice it appeared.


Did I bail?


I did voice my one concern, that being that I only know the amber drake, not the green.

MultiTalentedWarlock says she knows the green and will swap dragons with me, letting me ride amber.

Off we go, tearing through the place and having a good old time.

No wipes, no deaths, one shotting it all.

When it was all over and we were collecting our badges and such I get a whisper from DoubleMyGsBear telling me I did a good job considering the gear I was in. Much better than the first healer, they had kicked him near the entrance after a couple wipes on trash.

Some guy named SquishyPally….


Ain’t Karma a bitch =)


A question for my friends

Hello there friends,

I have a few ideas on the subject myself, but I am curious what you folks might think.



If you have any thoughts on professions in the next expansion please drop them in the comments.



Well there’s something you don’t see every day…

When I get back to Darnassus the guys I went to school with will never believe this. I really wish there was a way to show them who was there to congratulate me on reaching my 80th season.

After all it’s not every day you see Thrall passin out quests to a Night Elf.

It’s quiet, Too quiet…

A warm breeze blew in from the south, rippling the grass.

To the young Draeni something seemed wrong, missing, out of place.

The war had moved to the frozen  shores Northrend,

Leaving Outlands, but for the occasional traveler, cut off from the world once again.



The adventurers had come and for a time and cut a swath through the land.

Blood had soaked the Outlands, from one end to the other.

That brought to mind what was different, Negrand stood empty.

Even the animals were gone.


As he rode away he thought briefly to himself.

What would Northrend look like in the years after we are done “saving” them?

Would it recover and thrive?

Would the blood truely make the grass grow greener?


Or would it be like the city of Shattrah he had rode through earlier.

The forgotten ghost of a bustling city,

It now sits quiet and dark.

Forgotten like so many other things after the gold rush has passed by.


Ignorance would have been better.

There is something about my Druid.

Something odd.

I started this character with plans to be a healer. In fact, my original plan was to attempt to make it all the way to 80 without ever killing anything.

I was going to do delivery and discovery for XP until I reached 1o, BG healing till 15, and then instance healing till 80.

That simply did not pan out the way I wanted it to. In an instance, from time to time, even the healer needs to do a bit of killing. After all, it’s a group effort. If I could prevent a wipe by breaking my own rules then it would not be fair to my team not to.

I believe I can flyyyyy

Anyway, the issue here has nothing to do with how I leveled, though for the most part it was through instances.

The issue here is healing in general.

The more I read about the way things are going in Cataclysm for healers in general and my Druid in particular, the less I want to be a healer.

For starters Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that Druids no longer deserve to have the Tree of Life form. Well, guess what? I despise the male Night Elf form. If I had my choice (while staying Alliance) I would have chosen another race.

In fact, the only thing about any race that annoys me more than the NE male is the swirling crossbow thing Draeni males do.

Hey, personal preference right? I’m sure some folks love the stuff I don’t.

My point is I was able to simply stay in a form at all times and I would never have to deal with that which annoyed me. In the same way that I will run a level 1 Draeni Hunter all the way to Darnassus to train for the bow and ship him one, just so I never had to see that annoying crossbow spin thing.

I suppose now I’ll just have to drop the $15 on a character recustomization after Cata hits and make him a Worgen. At least if I have to look at him I would be less annoyed.

For a while yet, I can still be a tree.

Besides, I’ll be able to make an emote macro for peeing on trees to annoy my fellow Druids with…

 The issues I have with cosmetics are, as I said, a $15 fix. The issues with the whole vibe I am getting from the way healing is going to work are not so easy to address.

I don’t like the idea of doing damage to regen mana. I can’t put it any simpler than that.

I play a healer because I want to heal. If I wanted to be a damage dealer then I would spec Balance or Feral. Hell, if I just wanted to kill bad guys I would play my Hunter. At least then I would only have to farm one gear set.


The long and the short of this is that the more I read the more I am really not that excited about getting my Druid to 80 anymore. 

It’s kind of a shame really, I am still healing and questing in between runs.

I made 77 last night. 

I’m almost there.

Right now I am just telling myself to finish the push to 80, spec into Balance and Feral, and go park him in Auberdine or Southshore waiting for the end of the world.

The more I read though, the more I’m tempted to just go back to playing one of my Hunters.

I's like a Rogue mon.. all my enemies die from poisioning. Traumatic lead poisioning.

They might be getting a top to bottom rebuild, but at least the job description won’t be changing.  It is still “blow holes in the bad guy while you pet chews his left butt cheek off, stopping from time to time to trap something.”

At no point are they going to make me go heal folks to regen the focus to do my job.

Or will they?