Too much, for too long, with too little.

I sat back and did some reflecting over the last few days. As it applies here I took a look at what I was doing in the World of Warcraft. I looked at what about the game I enjoy, what I don’t, and how I go about getting where I want to be.

Well, I have not been online much at all, and when I am it’s generally to knock out my profession dailies and log back off. Since I don’t have much warcrafty to talk about today you folks get kinda stuck with my ruminations.

Seriously, if you have no desire to see what bounces around in my head when i am over tired, cranky, and have been sitting alone in a deserted workshop praying for something to break just to relieve the boredom you should leave now.

Still here? Im touched, really I am. I still say you really should do something more entertaining though, like listening to Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, wherin several far more entertaining folks than I chat about Wow.

Still reading? Well here are a few of my scattered thoughts, don’t say you weren’t warned.

I enjoy the leveling process, as long as I am not rushed with it. Tinkering around with alts can be a welcome diversion. In fact it’s probably my favorite part of the game.

I enjoy running instances, particularly on my Hunters (I have 3 at 70 or higher). I really should just stick to instancing with them before I forget how to.

I like playing with professions, both to make money and to make things I can use. I think I have had every profession other than Alchemy at max level at one time or another.

I don’t like pushing myself to level “because I have to”. I particularly like it when I have flight available, it’s like a pause button for Wow.

I don’t care much for PvP, particularly arena PvP. (although the occasional Wintergrasp is fun) I am not knocking those who like it, It simply is not my thing.

I absolutely positively without question despise daily questing, although I do three a day, nearly every day.

Rep grinds were made by the developer in charge of pissing me off. He does good work and deserves a raise. By the time I am exaulted with a faction I want to kill them all.  I’m looking at you Sons of bitches Hodir, I’m long done being your bitch. You can go thrust your own f*%#ing spear and polish your own f*%#ing helmet now, just remember to towel off when you’re done.

Trying to do too much, on too many toons, with not enough time is a great recipe for burn out. Actually not so much burned out as worn out. I’m just tired, tired of grinding endlessly just so I can get to the next level of grind.

I don’t know how it happened but logging in just to say hello and goof off for a bit turned into a list of “must do” things every day. It turned into a second (albit very part time) job. Even now I find myself thinking about rearranging my professions to make more sense (and more money).

The point of this, at least for me, is that I am spread too thin. I only have so much time to play, and can only do so much with that time.

I try to do everything end up doing nothing.

I really need to pick one thing and stick with it for a while, just so I can see some progress. I think i’ll pick one toon and stay there for a while.

Otherwise I am just going to get spread so thin I’ll simply stop being there.

I have a feeling

I have this nagging feeling that patch 3.2 is going to go live a week from today.

Now I could sit and complain about things, or look forward to the good changes. Actually I am doing both. I could just take a week off and come back to see if I’m right. I could just keep on keepin on and see what happens.

Whatever I do one thing is certain. By the time it does I want all my professions in order (see yesterdays post).

That means I have a metric assload of herbs to farm in the next couple days.

I’m not even going to bother figuring out what I need to level each skill. I will put inscription on my DK and send her enough to skill up, at least to the point she gets northrend inscription research. Then I will just farm a crate* of everything on my way up and bank it towards Alchemy. Hopefully that will be enough.

Anyhow, it’s off to the races.


*note: I call 12 stacks of something a crate, because that’s how it looks in my mailbox.

Perhaps I am simply insane.

I have this idea.

It involves both making money, saving money, and as far as I can tell a lot of running around.



On one server that I play on I have two 70+ characters. I have a 70 death knight with nearly maxed jewelcrafting and high 300’s mining. I also have an 80 hunter with engineering and mining, both maxed.

I used mining to max out both the other professions, but find that once leveled the materials needed actually drop a lot. Mining for ore for instance simply does not happen for me unless I stumble across it. It just is not cost effective.

For instance, I woke up early Saturday (an accident I assure you) and decided to do a bit of mining. I flew about in both Sholazar and Icecrown for a total of about two hours. The end result was 12 stacks of Saronite ore and a half stack of Titanium, something like 400G worth of stuff on my server.

400G. I made more than that during the 15 minutes I sat on my bank alt in Ironforge.

 I realised then that using the gathering profession to level the production one worked well for me. I also thought that afterwards it would be more effective to just buy the raw materials than spend the time gathering them.

So I took a good look at my professions.

Jewelcrafting both makes me money and provides the benefit of JC only gems. It’s a keeper.

Engineering is fun, makes me a little money through the sale of scopes and ammo, and allows me to gather gas clouds as well. Free eternals makes my day. Plus the added features like being able to rez people after a wipe make it worth keeping.

Mining though, mining has to go. If I am not using it it’s a waste. I suppose I could sell my Titansteel cooldown, but that’s 10 – 15 gold a day. not really what I am looking for.

Looking at what goes well with the professions I already have, and what I already know are good bread winners, I am thinking I might want to pick up either Alchemy or Inscription. Of course I will need Herbalism to go with it. Like I said, I need the gathering skill to level the production skill.

Here’s the question, why keep the Herbalisim afterward? I am getting rid of Mining after all that farming to level it, what makes Herbing any different?


I can take my 80 hunter and drop her mining in favor of herbing. I could then farm up enough herbs to level Inscription in place of the Mining that is on my death knight.

Once I am done with that I could gather enough herbs to level Alchemy from the ground up, drop my (probably) max level Herbalism and level Alchemy in it’s place.

My only problem? From that point on I would be dependant on the Action house for all my raw materials.

On the plus side I should be able to make enough money that it won’t be a problem.

Or perhaps I am just insane.

Hunterus interuptus

Just a quick note to anyone who follows this site that Diaries of a Marksman Hunter is down for a bit of “unscheduled maintenance”

As in her provider did something silly and her blog don’t work right now.

It’s coming back though.. Honest.

Hunter Q&A is here, or STFU and wait for Blizzcon

I don’t normally do this kind of post, but for once I actually have something to say. Actually more than a few things. So, for those who (like me) can’t get access to this because of corporate firewalls I will post the whole damn thing.

Here and there you will see green text. Those are my thoughts on what is being said, for folks who already read these and just want to skim through for the comments.


Hunter Q&A with Ghostcrawler and the World of Warcraft Community Team

Community Team: We’d like start this Q&A off by asking a question that players of all classes often ask in regard to the very purpose of their class. In this case, we’re looking specifically at the hunter.

Q: Where do hunters fit into the larger scope of things currently and where do we see them going from this point forward?

A:We solved a lot of perennial hunter problems in Wrath of the Lich King, from the shot clipping problems of Steady Shot, to bringing Survival back to life, and making pet choice and training a lot more meaningful and hopefully enjoyable. Going forward we have several objectives we still want to accomplish. We want to make sure hunters in PvP are as good in Arenas as they are in Battlegrounds. We think their damage is sufficient, so we want to focus on their survival and crowd control. We want to make sure their PvE utility is as good as their dps(especially making traps liveup to their potential for crowd control). We want to resolve what a hunter is supposed to do in melee (Raptor Strike? Disengage?). We want to clean up some of the clunkiness that still exists around pet control (both the UI itself and what the pet does on the battlefield). We think hunters havea good niche as the only real ranged damage-dealer that focuses on (mostly) physical damage based on a weapon rather than cast-time based spells. We just want to make sure they live up to that niche.

Dech: Odd that they mention having crowd control live up to it’s potential while at the same time cutting the hangtime of traps in half. The ability to have three down at once won’t help in their crowd control aspect. Actually the way it is going to be set up it is almost worth going back to TBC 5 mans and getting a 2 piece Beastlords set bonus. We might still be able to chain trap then.

Is chain trapping required in the modern era of “aoe tank everything, we can heal through it”? No, not really. It was a valuable skill to have though.

One of my fondest memories is a pug Shattered Halls run about a year ago where a pull went very bad. Watching the entire extra four pull go up in iceblocks at once was a sight to see. Then again that was when running as Survival was more than the flavor of the month.

Q: It was stated that we had intended to remove consumable ammunition from the game for patch 3.1.0, However, due to certain functionality not being ready in time, the change was put on hold. Is there any new information in regards to the functionality of non-consumable ammunition, and also a possible estimate as to when hunters may expect to see these changes implemented?

A:From a technical standpoint, what happened is that the quiver is considered a bag just like other bags on the character but also, most critically, those in the bank. In order to remove ammo we would have to move the location of all of a character’s bank slots on the database that stores all of the World of Warcraft characters, which would be a risky thing to do in the middle of an expansion, and could result in “missing stuff” issues if something went wrong. It was just one of those last-minute show-stoppers.

We still want to make ammo more of a gear choice than a consumable. We’re not sure if this would be as simple as getting the 125 dps arrows to upgrade your 120 dps arrows, or if you would do things like swap between your fire and poison arrows… but that kind of thing is definitely on the table.

I’m not sure when we can do it right. It’s not going to be for 3.2 unfortunately.

Dech: I’ll hit these both together after the next point.

Q:On the topic of hunter ammunition, currently, it becomes quite expensive for hunters to purchase Mammoth Cutters and Saronite Razorheads, especially given how much many hunters use in a given week. Are there any plans to reduce the cost, by potentially looking into the materials required to craft both types of ammunition?

A:The problem with upgrading hunter ammo currently is how we work the progression. We don’t want to drop ammo on bosses for what I hope are obvious reasons so long as they are consumed. We need to haveammo improve as other gear improves, however, or the hunter overall starts to fall behind. Therefore there has to be some barrier that stops freshly leveled hunters from getting the best ammo while letting cutting-edge hunters procure it. In Burning Crusade, we handled this through a reputation grind, but it still wasn’t a very satisfying answer. In Wrath of the Lich King, we went with Engineer-crafted ammo and more recently changed the way ranged weapons scaled so that they would keep improving even if the ammo did not. For 3.2 we lowered the cost of the ammo quite a bit — only 4 gold for a stack to manufacture. If you were paying 50 gold a night, that should drop to say 16 gold a night. Long-term this won’t be a problem because arrows won’t be consumed.

Dech: Well lets see here…. I can understand the difficulties of not wanting to accidentally delete a bunch of peoples bags. I also like the idea that ammo should be more of a gear choice than a consumable. What I am failing to see is why the quiver had anything to do with ammo. I no longer use one, nor do several other hunters I know. If I wanted to though I could, it would be just like any other specialised bag. Some carry only flowers, these carry only ammo.

As for the ammo itself, quit thinking consumable and start thinking trinket. All that would need to be done is to change the current ammo so that is not consumed. You buy a stack, equip them in your ammo slot, and voilia! your done. 

If that is not possible for technical reasons simply have vendors start selling arrow/bullet machines similar to what engineers make. The difference? no charges. You buy your machine for (for instance) sharp arrows at the appropriate level. You click it and bingo… stack of arrows.

This would allow them to use ammo trinkets or ammo makers as a boss drop/PVP reward as it would no longer be a consumable. It would also play into having the ability to have a lot of fun with ammo. Fire arrow? poison arrow? fireworks arrow? tracer rounds? a flag on a stick that says “bang”? you name it it could work.

Q: While we had previously reduced the range of the hunter’s dead zone, it’s still brought up as a concern. Is it possible to remove the dead zone completely? If this is not something under current consideration, what are the current design philosophies and balance reasons behind keeping this particular mechanic in-game?

A: It’s possible to do so technically, but something we aren’t likely to do. Personally I think calling the current implementation a dead zone is just confusing and trying to sell the problem as worse than it is. Back in the day there was an actual distance at which neither ranged nor melee attacks would work – it was a dead zone. Currently there is just a minimum range for most ranged attacks. The way we want the hunter to work is that when you get into min range with the hunter, then the hunter needs to switch to melee, or more likely escape back to ranged distance again. We certainly don’t want the hunter to unload with both melee and ranged attacks at once – that might make them operate better at melee than range. Casters by contrast don’t have to do this, though it is often in their best interest to do so since their cast can get delayed or even interrupted by melee attacks. You can argue it’s goofy to be firing bows or rifles at point-blank range, but really it gets more into how we want the hunter (and all ranged weapon attacks) to work.

I’ll add that the melee attack issue for hunters themselves is something we keep discussing. While we are unlikely to go back to a melee-focused build for hunters, we might consider a model where hunters don’t run away most of the time but switch to melee attacks – perhaps even a single punishing attack on a cooldown before the hunter Disengaged or whatever. This would be one of those things that helped hunters feel more different than actual magic casters, and might make them care about melee weapons as more than stat sticks. Additional feedback from the community on this sort of thing would be appreciated.

Dech: I see this more as a PvP issue than anything else, which I freely admit is far from my strong suit. I do kind of like the “whack with a big stick, then disengage” on a cooldown idea. Possibly by simply adding more damage to wing clip, but putting it on a cooldown.

Q:Would we consider allowing auto-shoot to work while moving? If there aren’t plans for that specific change, is there anything in the works that will assist hunter dps in fights where a great deal of movement becomes necessary?

A:Moving should feel like a penalty. We don’t want ranged attackers constantly circle strafing FPS-style because it confers a defensiveadvantage without giving up an offensiveone. Moving is supposed to be bad and how you handle it is a test of your skill. We do give instant cast spells to some classes, but it should always be a dps loss when they have to focus on these exclusively. We would consider giving hunters another way to pull off an instant shot or beef up their dots, but we would want to make sure these would only be used in true long-distance movement situations. What I mean by that is we think we’ve possibly already gone too far towards balancing the Arena around instant attacks that can’t be countered before they go off.

Dech: He mentions having gone too far in balancing arena around instant attacks. I say they have gone too far in balancing the whole game around arena play.

Q: Are there any long term plans to possibly removing the need for hunters to rely on a different resource system then mana?

A: I hate to do this to you, but this is a great BlizzCon question. For these Q&As, we’d like to keep the focus on each class’s current status and short-term plans, but at BlizzCon we’ll be happy to go into some more detail on our long-term vision for them.

Dech: Curses! foiled again! I guess we shall wait and see come Blizzcon. Hopefully it’s good news. (on a side thought, why do we use mana if we aren’t casing spells anyway. I always wondered why we did not use a similar mechanic to Rogue energy.)

Q: Are there any plans to increase the benefit hunters gain from haste?

A: There are two ways to answer this question. The more general one, which applies to all classes, is that we want haste to be a useful stat. Rogues, warriors, and some casters like it currently, and we need to get it there for everyone. As I have said in several of the Q&As, some stats havejust fallen away from some specs even though they routinely appears on your gear. Sometimes this happens because talents prop up other stats so much that instead of being more attractive, they feel mandatory, and the ones that aren’t supported go from sub-optimal to junk status. We need the ability to put a variety of stats on your gear. We don’t want there to be an uber stat for anyone that trumps everything else to the point at which you don’t even look at the other stats. Gear is supposed to be a choice. I’ll say again that I think the online community sometimes focuses too much on the best-in-slot mentality, to the extent at which they consider everything except those BiS items to be worth skipping over. Remember, if it improves your dps, it’s an upgrade, even if another item would improve it more. That sounds so obvious, but I think there is a tendency for some players to stop thinking that way.

Now for hunters specifically, we think the class is just too cooldown limited, which creates problems with haste. We’ve driven in that direction in order to give hunters a more interesting rotation, and to be fair, we feel like we’ve done that. But being cooldown limited isn’t necessarily a fun way for the class to play and we think it’s one of those things that makes hunters feel more like casters than like ranged-weapon users. (Hunters are casters in the sense that they’re ranged dps, but we still want the emphasis to be on the gun or bow.) More on this at BlizzCon, too.

Dech: I am seeing a trend here. More talk about mana/resource usage at Blizzcon…. More talking about how cooldown dependant we are at Blizzcon… *sigh* I suppose I will just haveto get the live stream and watch it all.

Q:How do we feel about the current state of stings? Are there any improvements planned for the way stings work, such as removing them from a shared global cooldown (GCD)? Are there current plans to improve individual stings?

A:The best way to describe stings is we want them to feel like warlock curses. They should be a meaningful part of your rotation and something you should want to keep up. We understand that some of the stings are much more attractive than others (though to be fair, curses havea similar problem) and we need to make the less-popular stings more useful or just end up cutting them. We aren’t likely to remove any damage-dealing ability from the GCD and we’ve even taken a second look at whether we haveremoved too many defensive abilities from the GCD. It’s there for a reason, particularly in a client-server based game with inherent Internet lag.

Q: Beast Mastery falls behind Marksmanship and Survival in regards to DPS, especially when the pet dies, due to how much damage comes from the pet when specialized in the Beast Mastery talent tree. Do we have plans to bring the potential damage the Beast Mastery tree offers to be more on par with what’s currently possible with Survival and Marksmanship?

A:Ideally, we want Beast Mastery to be able to do competitive damage with Survival and Marksmanship. Realistically with dps classes, it’s a math problem, and one tree nearly always edges out the other ones in most situations. That doesn’t mean we stop trying, but it also means we have to be realistic about what it will take to really get the specs to within 1% dps of each other, which is sometimes the point I fear we’d need to hit.

The buffs to Catlike Reflexes and Wild Hunt were intended to boost Beast Mastery a little without causing every hunter in the game to swing back to Beast Mastery the way they all swung to Survival a few patches ago. We don’t necessarily like buffing Beast Mastery through the pet all the time. However, Beast Mastery also doesn’t havea signature attack like Chimera or ExplosiveShot. At the same time, we don’t necessarily want to givethem one because then Arcane Shot risks just vanishing from the hunter rotation. But, we can’t just buff Arcane Shot (unless it is very deep in Beast Mastery) because Survival and Marks use that too. See the problem? Ultimately the tree is supposed to be about pets, so we would rather make the pet easier to control and give the hunter ways to get the pet out of trouble so that they don’t face the profound dps loss of pet death. And even then, having a pet that is 50% or more of your dps is always going to have design problems, so we can’t go overboard. Beast Mastery and Demonology (and even the Unholy death knight) are going to be at a greater loss when their pet dies. That’s just the cost of having a more powerful pet.

Dech: Ok, that makes perfect sense. Well, some of it does.

Beast mastery already has a signature move, it’s called “bestial wrath” and it’s big brother “the beast within”.

You want to buff arcane shot for beastmasters only? How about having it hit like a freight train while bestialwrath is active. This makes it a BM only talent, keeps the extra damage on a cooldown without effecting the normal damage of arcane shot.

Might work, might not… but it makes sense to me.

Q: In regards to the survivability to hunter pets are there plans to make additional improvements? The resilience change should help somewhat in PvP, however in end-game PvEenvironments, the hunter’s pet can die pretty easily, especially given the specific encounter. One suggestion made by many hunters was to add a passive ability that healed the hunter’s pet when the hunter received a heal from a party or raid member.

A: Honestly, we aren’t happy with some of the current solutions to keeping pets alive. In particular, the area damage avoidance mechanics just don’t work well. They are frustrating for other players in a PvP setting when Bladestormor Arcane Explosion can’t really hurt pets, and they don’t keep pets alive on a 5 million damage Mimiron missile. What we really need is a system where certain PvE attacks just don’t hurt the pet (maybe they can’t set off Mimiron mines for instance). We don’t want players to have to pay the price because the pet AI is in fact just an AI. This is something we’re working on. We’d rather not haveto come up with additional mechanics needed to heal pets or keep them alive. We’d rather just the pet didn’t die in situations where a player that can make intelligent choices wouldn’t have died. Hunters do have abilities to heal or rez pets, and those ideally should be sufficient.

Dech: I see a major overhaul coming. At any rate, whatever keeps my pets alive longer is a good thing in my book.

Q: As a follow-up to the previous question, do we have plans to make it easier for the hunter to bring a dead pet back to life, such as reducing the casting time of the base ability?

A: We talk about this a lot, but the trade off would be a much more fragile pet. In some ways we think a system might work better where the pets were easy to kill, especially in PvP, but the hunter (or warlock) could bring them back say every 30 seconds or so without a huge loss to personal dps. But in that situation, we would nerf pet health quite a bit so that the pets would crumple quickly when focused. The death knight (especially with an unglyphed Ghoul) works a little more like this currently – they have like 12K health without the glyph. But to make this change we would have to solve the PvE pet-gibbingmechanics referenced above.

To be clear, this is a hypothetical different model than I’ve been talking about in the rest of this Q&A. I don’t want to confuse anyone by saying pets should both be hard to kill and hard to rez, and easy to kill and easy to rez.

Q: The Cunning pet-type was originally designed to be optimal for PvP use, however, most hunters feel that the Cunning pet-type falls short. How do we feel about the current state of what Cunning pets are offering, and are there any current plans to make improvements?

A: We made an effort in 3.1 to get the Cunning pets up to speed by giving them talents like Roar of Sacrifice, and normalizing all of the pet stats so that Cunning pets had the same stats as the other two types, modified by pet talents. Crabs are still fairly popular and they probably should be a Cunning pet given their crowd control ability, but the carapace also made them feel like they should be able tanks. And selfishly, I had no problem with seeing a lot of crab pets. (No, I’m not serious.)

This is something we would love to see more feedback on. Hunters in the online community tend to focus a lot on overall PvE dps or overall PvP survival and not get too much into pet comparisons. Someone theorycraftsthe best pet and then hunters just go and get it instead of discussing what the other pets would need to be more competitive. To be fair, there is some of that discussion, but it’s not always easy to find, and I have looked. It’s not super high priority given some of the other hunter design issues we’re looking at, but we do want pets to be a choice.

Dech: Kinda from left field on this one, but how about allowing a modifier to existing pets? A single glyph slot or some such. So that pet abilities could be tweaked just a bit by the owner. This might get people to choose a wider variety of pets. More likely it would just get theory-crafted out that X pet with Y glyph is max dps/most survivable.

Q: Due to the number of abilities available to hunters, many level 80 players have expressed concerns in regards to placing all necessary abilities on their action bars. Are there any improvements coming that will assist hunters with this particular issue?

A: We recognize this as a problem. We need to get more buttons off of the bar. We made some progress with streamlining say tracking and aspects, but we’re not there yet.

Dech: More room for more icons at some point in the future, sweet.

Q: Additionally, do we plan to expand upon the number of pet action bar slots? Due to the current number of slots available for pets, hunters frequently have to swap pet abilities in and out of their spell/ability book.

A: Yes, we definitely want to do this. The whole pet bar needs a little work. There are still some bugs relating to which abilities can be moved on or off the bar and whether they default to autocast or not. We want the bar to work much more like character action bars.

Dech: As long as we are fixing the pet bar, how about making it so my pet does not randomly turn on and off abilities? I suppose at least having the skills all available on the bar I could see what just turned on and turn it off.

Q: Are there any plans to allow Tranquilizing Shot to play a larger role in the hunter’s arsenal?

A: Consider that on the one hand this ability just used to be for Magmadar, and on the other hand I just acknowledged above that hunters have a lot of abilities to manage. Given that, we don’t really want Tranquilizing Shot to be in your rotation like Steady Shot or even Kill Shot. It’s a bit situational, and we’re fine with that. We did make some recent efforts to make Enrages feel more like a major mechanic that you’d want to dispel the way you dispel magic and other effects.

Dech: Having Tranq shot work on more enrages would be a good thing, just so long as it did not become a “have to bring a hunter for this particular fight” like Magmadar was.

Q: Do we have plans to increase the number of stable slots available to hunters?

A: Obviously we increased it a lot in Wrath of the Lich King. We want to try and keep the pet as some kind of decision — they aren’t supposed to be like mounts or titles where you just collect as many as you want. We expanded the size so that players could have say a Tenacity pet for soloing and a Ferocity pet for raiding, but we don’t want every hunter to have every family available here. Now one potential problem are the Spirit Beasts, which are collected by hunters and not trivial to replace. We have also discussed expanding the Spirit Beast concept to have rare skins of other pet families (that otherwise don’t convey a combat bonus). If we do that, we’d probably have to expand the stable slots.

We’ve also considered a model where the hunter doesn’t even need a stable and can work more like a warlock where they can just summon their pets whenever they want — with the remote stable ability from the dual-spec feature, we’re pretty close to that already. If we went this route then maybe the stable could just become pet storage in the same way your bank has all those Invader’s Scourgestones and Zul’Gurub bijous that you don’t use often but can’t bear to part with.

Dech: Rare and good looking pets that arn’t spirit beasts! That would border on awesome.

More stable slots would be an added bonus, but honestly I am happy with five. I just want more cool looking pets that someone not a beastmaster can tame.


Overall it sounds like a lot of “we are looking at that, and may do something someday” with a sprinkling of “STFU and wait for Blizzcon” mixed in for good measure.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The same only different

There was a time, not long ago, that I started a bit of an experiment.

Leveling two mages, one as Frost, one as Fire. What would be better?

Two mages, two servers, two different races, two different ways of  going about the same thing.



Dech mage

 Hailing from the distant city of Gnomerragan Dech likes long walks on the beach, extremely spicy chili, and killing things with fire.

He is a cantankerous old gnome with a habit of yelling “Get off my Lawn!” to any kids that run past. Probably goes a long way to explaining why he is still single.


Dechion mage


 Freshly awoken from cryogenic slumber Dechion has found he has a certain “affinity” for the chill of frost. He knows first hand what it’s like to feel life slipping away as the numbness takes hold. He takes that pain and channels it into his enemies, and of those there are many.

Friends? not so much. As far as he has seen none survived the crash. So for now he wanders, a stranger in a strange land. Trying to find a place in the world in which he has found himself.



Having played both a Gnome and a Draeni for a bit I have noticed that I picked the right races for the two specs.

Dech is (even now with no talent points) all about burning down his enemies as quickly as possible. Generally sticking to single targets or sheep-pulling doubles he simply burns them down before they can kill him. The extra Intellect he gets from his racial helps out a bit with keeping his mana bar blue while he is doing that.

Dechion on the other hand is a bit more methodical in his approach. He does not have quite as much mana to play with. Since everything he uses tends to slow his enemies by default he tends to use a bit less crowd control. He is also not quite as afraid of getting in over his head, the Gift of the Naaru healing racial has bailed him out more than once. It really helps to be able to Hot yourself up when the shit hits the fan.

Overall I find that so far they are just about even, although the playstyles are a bit different.

I  find that having the ability to heal yourself is huge. Both of these toons are leveling as tailor/enchanters because I can supply all their mats from their sponsoring level 80’s. If I was leveling for any other reason than this experiment though, I would certainly take herbalism for its heal over time. Actually I would likely level skinning/herbing for the heal and the cash.

My opinion so far?

Too close to call, they are both fun in different ways.

The same, only different.

What would you ask?

Lets just say you go out to lunch. I am assuming most of us go out at least once in a while.

Now just because it’s my blog and I can lets assume that there is only one open table at Mc’burger Bell and you take it. The next guy in line grabs his chow, looks around the room, and asks if you mind him taking the remaining seat at the table.

Granted, you don’t know the guy, but it is only polite to say yes. After all, it beats standing right?

Now we are going to really stretch things and say that while you both munch on your heart attack in a box you chat. Nothing major mind you, just about the weather, the relative grease content of the burgers, the excessive (or missing) salt on the fries, that kinda thing. 

You pull out your I-phone to run a quick armory and next thing you hear is “Horde or Alliance?”

Going back and forth for a bit you find that you both share an interest in the game. Not unusual, after all there are millions of us that play. You chat about your favorite toons, about the latest round of buffs and nerfs, that sort of thing. Well, as you both get up to head back to wherever it is you need to be, the gentleman asks a question. 

If you could make any one suggestion to one of the games developers what would it be?

Why you ask?

Because you just ate lunch with one of them.


I can think of several things right off the top of my head.

How about a paid between server mail service? Say, $10 and you can mail a 22 slot bag full of whatever and any cash you chose to send (same limits as can be on a toon at transfer) to an alt you were starting on the same account on another server or another faction.

One feature is already in game and the other is coming “soon” with faction switching. It would simply let you do the job without having to move an existing character or level a new one up to 10 as a mule. Hell, even put the same 3 day cooldown on it that character transfers will soon have.


Another interesting one would be allowing trial account members to accept a guild invitation. It would be nice to allow them to see that social aspect of the game before committing to buying it.

A limitation that would disallow access to the guild bank would protect guilds, and also keep from it being used as a work around to the ban giving trials something like bags or starter cash.


What about you folks? What would you suggest?

Just give up already

Just a heads up for those it applies to,

I don’t care whether you are trying to advertise “daddy’s little helper” little blue pills or pyramid schemes.

I don’t care if your social networking site is the greatest thing since oxygen.

I don’t think my readers need to know how to make their hooters bigger, or their johnsons for that matter.

I don’t even care if you have a nice comment with hidden hyperlinks that I am not stupid enough to follow.

I do not, and never will advertise on this site.

Not for myself, not for friends, and certainly not for Internet leeches.

Quit filling my inbox with your crap, your wasting my time.

Even typing this out is more than you deserve,

It’s five minutes of my life I will never get back.

Just give up already… Go away.

This just in

Breaking news:

Buzzard Entertainment has announced that the next expansion of the popular MMORPG World ‘o Warcrack will be “The Rescue of the Lollipop Kingdom” (TRotLK for short). It will contain many changes aimed at providing a wholesome and rewarding MMO experience for all ages. Here are some highlights from a recent interview about the expansion.

All classes will have all those complicated old abilities replaced with a new spell titled “iPwn” (it’s icon is a white apple). This spell will be bound to the number 1 key by default. It is an area of effect spell with the following four effects.

  • All hostile targets within the area are overcome with the need to dance, in effect stunning them while providing a floor show. At the end of this effect the bad guy will be tired and take a nap (complete with a pillow and blankie) allowing the players to take his loot without harming him.
  • Upon waking they have no memory of the players, making them neutral.
  • All friendly targets within the area will he instantly healed to full health.
  • All friendly targets will also receive the “happy” buff. it’s only effect is to put a smile on everyones face.

In past expansions we have noticed a tendancy to overreact to balance changes in the arena. This ranged from complaints to people simply no longer playing them. In an effort to balance the classes for arena play this new expansion will have a major reworking of the way arena play will work. In addition we will be introducing a new arena setting, the playground. We think it will be a big hit.

  • At the beginning of each match all players will be placed inside a protective padded suit, this will prevent all damage.
  • The ‘iPwn” button on the taskbar will be replaced by an arena specific spell called “Tag”.
  • The “It” debuff will randomly appear on one character, this character’s “Tag” button will then become active.
  • Arena matches will last 4 minutes.
  • Victory decided by which team was able to tag the other team “it” the most times.
  • Ending the game with the “It” debuff will cause that character to receive the “sadface” debuff, becoming sad for 30 minutes. 

Also, while the new raid instances are still under development I can tell you this. You will be seeing some old friends in the “Gumdrop Castle”. This  introductory raid instance will feature such end bosses as Puff the Magic Dragon and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. Also at risk of revealing too much, I am really looking forward to a multi-boss encounter reminiscent of the four horseman in Naxx featuring the Power Rangers.

This introductory raid will help players gear up in a cheerful color coordinated fashion for the next raid.  I can’t really confirm any details as it is very early in development.  I can say that the efforts to keep all of the Lollipop Kingdom from getting a case of the grumpies will continue when the gates of the Gingerbread Fortress open in patch 4.1.

We are truly excited about the upcoming content, and think you will be as well.

More details as they become available, but expect a major announcement at Buzzard-con later this year.

Vague questions with vague answers

They say that kids say the darnedest things, as a dad I can tell you that’s true. Then again Google is not a kid, but it has found my site for the oddest of reasons. Some are certainly not related to the content of the site. For instance querys relating to “loving” your pets.

Yes, that way….

Maybe that comes from all the posts I have written about Hunter pets. It might come from writing about my dogs (although I think I only ever mentioned them when I posted about Rascal passing away)

Not really sure, but if thats what your looking for it’s not to be found here.


Now here are a few that actually do relate to the content of the site. Some I hope found their answer in the archives, some I will try and answer now. Here are a couple of the more popular.


Level Engineering shopping list.

Well, the way I went about it can be found here. As always, your mileage may vary. I was mostly concerned with leveling as cheaply as possible. If I would have had an enchanter on the same server at the same time I would likely have crafted more greens for disenchanting as opposed to whatever was the cheapest for vendoring.


80 Hunter hit ring

I assume you are looking for ones that are easy to come by.  Well, a few easy choices are the  Signet of Bridenbrad  from the quest Light within the darkness in Icecrown, assuming you have not done the quest and gotten rid of it. Other choices include the Titanium impact band  and the Ring of Scarlet Shadows  which are both crafted by Jewelcrafting.

If you look at all three you will see a common thread, a socket. It is a lot easier to find a socket than it is straight hit rating. There are also rings with the random enchant <of precision>, those will have a bit of hit rating on them as well.

Just be advised you cant grab (for instance) an <of precision> and an <of the marksman> or <of the bandit> and be able to equip them together. Even though the random part of the enchant is different they are still unique-equipped by the entire class of ring, not by the random factor.


Hate grinding rep

Well, I am not really sure what the question was. Apparently I have bitched about rep grinds enough that even Google knows I hate it. That’s kinda nice that they noticed.

There is not much I can say other than pull up a chair, you are amongst friends here.

Rep grinds are like a moon rocket fueled by liquid fail.


How much ammo for Naxx?

Good question. Well, I never really paid attention to how much I use on a single run. My solution has always been to carry lots. Particularly since ammo can stack to 1000 now I see no reason to carry less than 6000 rounds at any given time. It does not hurt to carry extra…. losing out on a bag slot or ten is nothing compared to the noob feeling of hearthing for ammo in the middle of a run because you ran dry.

Actually right now I am carrying five stacks of vendor bought ammo for general questing and 4 stacks of Mammoth Cutters for raiding. Another thing to remember, always shoot the best you can get your hands on.

“Mammoth Cutters…. when you care enough to send the very best” (down range)


Is my Hunter ready for Naxx.

Well, I would be glad to take a peek and offer suggestions.  Its hard to tell much without armory links though.  

Is your hit rating up to snuff? What about your other stats? How good are you at playing your hunter? What kind of Dps can you put out on a training dummy? Can you not stand in the <insert evil floor graphic here>? Is your Hunter at least wearing pants?

If you want me to take a look shoot me an email to the address on my “about me” page. I would be glad to help any way I can.

I may blog about it though, names withheld of course.


There are a few other random terms that keep showing up, and I am not sure why. What does my site have to do with Mayan temples for instance?

Bah, who knows.