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If the blog looks funny, blame WordPress. Apparently they lost all their formatting at some point last night. I also cannot add links, images, polls, or pretty much anything else right now.  I believe the technical term is “Fubar”. Yet another reason I really should go self hosted at some point. Now on the the post.


I work best with a plan. This goes for both in and out of game.

In game I will make lists.

Lists of quests to do for their rewards.

Lists of gear to acquire to be “ready” for something (say Naxx for instance)

Lists of mats and recipes for leveling professions and crafting gear.

Lists of rep to grind for gear, patterns, and enchants.

Lists of gems and enchants for different pieces of gear.

I kid you not, at one point I had so many lists I had to make a list of all my lists so I could keep them straight.


Perhaps that is why I find leveling a new class so daunting. None of my old lists will apply. My Hunter is already at 80 and pretty comfortable in the gear she has. I could take her into any 10 man and most 25’s with what she has right now and be able to do my job. Possibly not quite as well as someone with higher numbers on their paper doll, but I could pull my weight.

The closer Morham the priest gets to 80 the more pressure I put on myself to come up with a plan for him. Questions roll around in my head whenever I try to play him.

Which quest rewards should I be looking for?

 Which rep should I work towards first?

Will I choose to stay Shadow? Likely not, I prefer healing.

If I heal will it be as Discipline or Holy?

How does that change what I need to do?

I stew over this for a bit, then log off or go goof off on Drupadi.


Sometimes my blog is funny, sometimes serious, and every now and again it’s more like my version of Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball in Castaway.   Every once in a while it’s more like a piece for scratch paper for me to take notes on. This is one of those times when I am going to dictate my “to do” list to Wilson.

1. Don’t do any of the group quests I come across. They often offer decent blue quest rewards. I don’t want to grab the wrong one, but can always come back for them later.

2. Unless something is a ginormous upgrade over my tier 4 and badge gear grab the plate reward and shard it.

3. Exception to #2 is trinkets. Any caster trinkets I come across get chosen as rewards and banked for sorting out later.

4. I have enough gold in the bank already to support my daily expenses for several months, maybe as long as a year if I am not doing progression raiding. Don’t worry about making more for the time being, just get to 80 and worry about it then.

5. Professions that are not already maxed out get ignored until 80 with two exceptions. I will still do my inscription research every day and will do enchants for guildies/friends if needed.

6. Do normal questing for now and sort out which tabard to wear for what rep later. Does not matter for the moment. Worst case I can always put a Honor Hold head enchant on for the time being. If the difference in head enchants is the margin between victory and a wipe my group does not belong wherever we are at.


Keeping in mind that I am trying to get Morham back in the saddle at level 77 by Sunday night (possibly Monday night since I am out of town part of this weekend) I simply must have a short list to keep me going until I hit 80. I can figure everything else out then.  So here it it, my short list of things to do.

2 Responses

  1. I get what your saying about your blog being funny sometimes and then not sometimes.

    When i started my blog i did not know what type i was going to make it so i just wrote, turns out its more of a diary type blog.

  2. My lists have been reduced similar to yours, and I am only worried about new lists for 70-80.

    Every now and then I succumb and think about the tradeskills… then quickly get myself back on track

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