mission accomplished

Sing it with me (horribly off key)…..

I believeeee I can flyyyyy…….

Morham hit 77 last night and got his license back. My questing life just got a whole lot easier.



Before you ask, Yes. That’s a basic flyer you see before you. I have the cash in the bank to pick up his epic flight if I wanted to, but I am not going to right now.

He is not a farming character, not by any means. I saved up the cash to pick it up anyway, but it’s going to wait. Blizzard is famous for using the carrot and the stick method to keep us grinding. They have already stated flat out in a blue post about the new dual spec feature that while changing between your two specs will be free, you will have to purchase the ability to do it.

I smell a money sink coming.

3 Responses

  1. Grats.

    Im a bit worried as my paladin nearly 71 and i have about 600g between all my chars :-0

  2. Gratz on 77! You’ll be 80 now before ya know it 😉

  3. Yahoo, congrats! Saraabi is itching to get back up in the air too, I’ll keep you posted. 😀

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