And now, I will hunt…

It was a dark and stormy night.

Ok, not really. It’s more like a dark and boring night.

It is a night for plotting and planning.

Everyone has to have goals, whether in game or in the real world. Without some kind of plan a person will just randomly go from task to task and never get anything accomplished. Well thats the way it works for me at least.

Seeing as how I am up while most sane people are sleeping I figured I could entertain myself by coming up with a plan. Not a concrete order of things to do, more like a list of things to work towards.

Will it provide me with focus and fill me with determination?


More likely it will be something to look back on in a couple of months and laugh at.


You see, this morning I sat down and wrote a nearly two thousand word wall ‘o text that will never see that light of day. I lamented about the melancholy that has seized me within the game. I talked about how I long to raid, but know it’s going to be a rare occurrence. 

You folks need to read about that like you need a long slow root canal with no novicane.

I seriously doubt you came here looking for a grumpy-gram from Dech.


What writing that did point out to me though was the need for goals.

I think I will narrow it down to a single of goal actually.

A goal that actually plays into being able to raid at some point.


I am going to get off my butt and finish leveling my Hunters.

All three of them.

That should keep me busy for a while.


7 Responses

  1. With your title, I thought this would be a post about hunting down a rare and unique pet.

    However, raiding. Raiding is another rare and unique beast on it’s own. 😉

    • I do have my list of rare pets to hunt down, as any mildly psychotic hunter should.

      I have to hit 85 before I can tame the first I plan to hunt though…. The Ghostcrawler spirit beast.

  2. I bumped into the Ghostcrawler when I was too low to tame him… but the good news is that a guildmate got him as a result.

  3. And I ran across a max level chawa and gave her a /hug.

    We were twins! We had the same spirit beast!

  4. One of my three near-cap toons is now at cap and ready for heroics (Katsuko) with raiding on the near horizon. I highly recommend, however, for leveling with the intent to raid, that you find the faction with the best Huntering gear (which I think is the TH faction for each side), get the Tabard, and start grinding rep right away in randoms. It will take a LONG time to get enough points for epic gear, so getting a few rep reward pieces before heroicing is critical for both gearscore and survivability to allow you to even start approaching raid GS and skill.

    Dailies will help, too, since you probably have access to more than TWO OF THEM (stupid Ramkahen) for your best gear faction like I do for my mage.

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