How to be a Merrymaker for Winters Veil

Winters Veil is upon us once again, and HERE is a guide to all your achievement related activities.

Should I have waited till today to publish it? Possibly.

Then again if you stop by often you already know that I rarely do anything that makes sense. So go, be merry, slaughter Greenches and throw snowballs at Thrall. Drink eggnog and holiday cookies. Have fun with the holiday. After all, Greatfather Winter is watching you.

You don’t want coal as a present again this year do you?


In other news the votes are in for what profession I should choose on my Priest. With a whopping 92% of the vote Tailoring wins hands down.

Inscription is gone from him now. I started leveling Tailoring already, getting it to 325 before I called it for the day. I already have the mats on hand to make it well past 400, which I will do later today.

Then I’ll start cranking out winter clothes with the mats I had left over from leveling.

That should be fun, or at least profitable.