Ok, it’s time to ask

Here’s the thing folks.

I have me a Death Knight, Diashan, that is at the moment specced for Blood Dps. I would like to get into a bit of tanking but my tanking knowledge is essentially non existant.

My first thought is to simply do the easier heroics as Dps until I have the badges to gear her up as a tank, giving me a leg up. All this will do though is end up with a badge geared DK tank that as far as the LFD is concerned can tank anything out there.

I would not even know which buttons to push.

So who can pass me some advice here?

Gear up as Dps?

Throw myself into normal instances as a freshly specced tank?

Reroll as a Mage?

Say the heck with it and just keep playing on my priest?

Any links, advice, specs, or anything else related would be helpful. Either leave it in the comments or drop me an E-mail at benameless AT gmail DOT com.

Ok, I am going back to hitting up Triumph badges like they are made of solid gold. After all, my priest is only 3/5 tier 9 so far.