Help! I can’t make up my mind!

So here’s the deal. I have a problem with professions.

I have three level capped characters on the server that I usually play on.

My Death Knight is 450/443ish Jewelcrafting / Inscription. I make a good bit of my income from her, those professions are staying.

My Hunter is 450/450 Engineering / Alchemy. The engineering is fun, and I like making my own ammo. Besides I am still using the helm. Alchemy makes me some decent cash, even though I am transmute specced. It also has the benefit of the Flask of the North, which I use almost all the time in place of an endless rage flask. Those professions are staying, though I may drop Engineering later depending on how it looks in Cataclysm.

My Priest now, there is my conundrum. I have near max level enchanting, which is not going anywhere. Having the ability to DE all the random greens that I get in-house is very valuable, as are the ring enchants. The one I am thinking about dropping is Inscription.

I have not bothered to learn all the recipes, and I never use it. It’s sole purpose on this character was to prevent me from having to level the Sons of Hodir all over again. With patch 3.3 live I can now simply send over a shoulder enchant from my Hunter and take care of that.

I figure since I can’t make up my mind I would put up a poll and ask you wonderful folks what you think.

Keep in mind that I have signed up for nearly enough random heroics to earn “The Patient” over the weekend. I ran every one on my Priest, flagged as both Dps and Healing.

I ended up as the healer every single time.

Something tells me thats not likely to change, although it has the makings of a good post for tomorrow.