Misfortune cookie

Last night as I was eating my take out something happened, something odd.


I had a thought. For some reason this does not happen all that often while munching on fried rice and watching old reruns of Gilligan’s Island with the kids. Fortune cookies always say the nicest things. Life is not always nice. My MSG loaded brain made the connection…. what we need are misfortune cookies.  

I don’t mean in real life, although having a chance to get a fortune that said “your day will suck” or “I sense bad gas in your future” or some other such funniness as opposed to always being nice would be downright entertaining. I mean in warcraft. 



We already have savory deviate delights, let us have misfortune cookies. Give them a few dozen random messages and make like 25% of them bad ones. “I see many wipes in your future”, “Say hello the the spirit healer for me”, “All today’s drops would be perfect for your other character” things like that. Make it fun.



While we are at it, Give me a magic eight ball that on use gives a random party buff depending on the message that comes up. 30 minute buffs, 1 hour cooldown. If it says something bad, it debuffs the entire party. The catch is it’s only usable in combat.


How about some Red Tauren energy drinks that give Stamina and Haste?


I just want the chance to be silly from time to time. Come on Blizz lets have some fun.

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  1. Hahahah!! GREAT idea…I love the Red Tauren energy drinks. 😀

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