One mans Nub is another mans student

I was thinking this morning (odd as that sounds for a Monday) and as usual I ended up thinking about warcraft. I thought back on this past weekends playtime.

I have been doing a lot of scrimping and saving trying to get the epic flyer for my hunter. Drupadi is going to be my primary farming and soloing character both now and once WotLK hits. I was somewhere in my thirties and saving for my basic ground mount sveral months ago I stated that I was going to see just how efficiently I could do this. Well I have not quite gotten there yet but I hit Level 70 ten days ago (real time not /played) and depending on how the Auction house treats me will determine when I pick it up. It will be sometime this week though.

That has nothing to do with what I am posting about today. It is more of an update for the folks who have been following the project.

I logged in Friday night and did something I rarely do. I signed in to my priest and qued for a battleground. I don’t get much into the whole pvp thing, but I figured as a healer I could just stay with our defensive group and heal for them. I was wrong.

I did manage to do a good chunk of healing but I was not really performing very well. That’s not just my opinion I had quite a few folks tell me I wasn’t doing it right. Some even went as far as accusing me of buying my toon off of EBay. Because I don’t Pvp I don’t have the gear or experience for it. I just thought it might be kinda fun. I was wrong.

Ps. If you happen to be in a BG with someone who is not doing well try whispering things like “Try going to place X and healing the folks over there” or  “stand behind something and heal from there”. Saying things like “GTF out of my BG pve nub” or “Tell EBay they sold you a bad toon” is rather counter productive. So sorry I don’t live in the BG’s like you (offending characters name and guild withheld to avoid any inter-guild drama as my characters are linked here)

On the plus side I did find a hunter in one of the AV’s that I was trying to run that realised I was not familliar with what I was doing. He basicly ran with me for most of the time trying to keep me alive, so I returned the favor. That was actually fun.



Fast forward to Saturday. Another day, another set of dailies. I had just finished up my SSO dailies on my hunter and had a bit of time to kill. I plopped myself into LFG for Shattered halls (quests there) Shadow labs (quests there as well-I want my Kara key) and for the group quest “hotter than hell” in Hellfire (killing a fel reaver to get the Shattered halls key). Crickets chirped, several groups were going for both instances. Nobody seemed to want a hunter in greens and quest blues, even though my note said I was experienced and this was a re-roll. 

I finally did get picked up for a Shattered Halls run. It was pretty obvious I would not have if there had been anyone else available however. It was a good run, our shaman healer was a re-roll as well. He has a paladin tank. The mage was quiet and competent. The paladin tank was new to tanking but with the experience and Patience of the shaman he did very well. The warlock I am not too sure about, I saw him do a few odd things that made me wonder. I never said anything though, as the run was going well and I don’t know how to play a warlock. Then there was me.

We went through the whole place in just about 2 hours. Not setting any speed records, but not bad considering the tank was kinda learning how to tank in there. You see, when it came up that the Paladin was a fresh 70 who had just specced prot to start tanking the Shaman healer started explaining things. He talked about how to generate threat, when to use certain spells, even going into detail on how to execute some of the pulls in heroic.

I did notice having to throttle back on my DPS a bit because of threat issues, even with feigning on every cooldown. That is a bit unusual with a pally tank, but like I said the run was going well. How different would have the run been if instead of teaching the shaman had just booted the pally and found another tank? Might it have gone a bit smoother for us? faster perhaps?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way it was a lot more fun the way we did it.

And I am sure the Pally enjoyed getting some tanking advice more than I enjoyed being called a “PVE nub”

2 Responses

  1. I have noticed that BG’s are usually a toss-up for anyone who doesn’t run them often. And I have noticed that a lot of “attitude” depends also on which one you run. But no matter what, you’ll inevitably come up with a few people who run at the mouth. And sadly, it’s usually when you’re going to run a bg or two “for fun”. We all had to learn our role in BG’s, just like raid encounters. I think people forget what that was like. Hubby will NOT run bg’s for anything because he doesn’t want to deal with that sort of attitude.

    I’m glad your SH run went better, at least! It’s nice to see that not everyone is an arrogant a-hole, eh? 🙂

  2. Dech don’t listen to the jerks in the BG’s. Lately it has been nothing but insults and finger pointing. Even for the more veteran PvPers. I even have to put people on ignore time and again. If you wanted to PvP I’d give it a fair chance. It gets easier when you get the PvP gear for the resiliance. As for the PuG group, being a new pally tank can be hard, as spell damage gives you your threat generation but you have to have avoidance stats to be survivable as a tank. Odds are he’s building avoidance first, which hurts his threat generation. In time he will have both and be the Uber tank you are so familiar with ^.^

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