Random thoughts

Ever have one of those days where your mind is just kind of racing around?  Bouncing from thought to thought with no regard to slowing down long enough to ponder something before moving on? Well that’s where I am this morning.

It might have something to do with the approaching weekend, the ongoing projects I am juggling at home and work, or possibly I am just a bit caffinated this morning. If you have been following for any length of time you will know I like to plan things out. That’s probably why I don’t have fun on vacation, but that’s another story for another day. Today I can’t seem to plan very well.


Here are a few of my random thoughts for the weekend.


My how to not be broke while leveling project is going well. The original plan there was to level a character on a separate server than my mains and follow my own advice for accumulating money. I wanted to see just how quickly I could actually come up with the 100g for my first mount. I decided to change the plan to how quickly I could gather the 45g that a mount will require after the next patch.

As of last night when the last of my auctions had cleared the auction house the hunter I am playing with broke the 45g mark. He is actually sitting on 47g and some change at the moment as well as having purchased a green quality bow at level 16 (hate the crossbow animation), a 10 slot quiver, and three 10 slot bags. He now has the money for his first mount at level 17 without any grinding or intentional farming. Just questing and gathering what he found in his travels. I will continue to do this until I get to the 100g mark and update then since that was my original plan, and I am admittedly curious about how it will come out.


I think winters veil this year should have a summonable boss as well. Large and green wearing festive holiday clothes they should call him “Grynch”. There could even be quests for the holiday that would involve recovering presents he stole and returning them to the holiday tree in the capitol city of your choice. For a non-combat pet he could drop a puppy with a stick tied to its head……

Bah, Humbug! I’ll stop before I get myself all worked up.


There my brain goes again, shifting without pushing in the clutch. I think this evening I will put leveling and experimenting on hold for a few hours, grab my priest, and see if I can’t find a pug Kara to go keep alive.  The only trick here is finding one that has no problem with me rolling on gear for my shadow set and passing on healing stuff.

Alrighty, before I see something shiny and get all distracted again I am going to close for the moment, Good hunting.


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  1. I’m doing that project with an alt of mine too. I want to see just how self-sufficient she can be without any support, even though she’s on the same server and faction as my main 🙂 Not doing too badly yet, and congrats on your success as well! 😀

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