Another day, another alt

Looks like I have up and done it again.

Like I have not been down this road before.

Like I don’t already have enough on my plate just leveling and gearing up my existing characters.

I went and rolled a baby druid.

Flash back to my first Wow character to make it beyond level 10 and you would see a druid. I have always enjoyed the lore behind them. That first Druid made it to somewhere in the high thirties before I rerolled to a different server to stay with friends. He was leveled almost exclusively by going bear form and grinding mobs for their leather. Pretty straight forward, I just did not know better.

Since discovering Hunters (and leveling via questing) with that server move I have gone back and tried to level a druid twice more. Both made it to just after level 20 and ended up abandoned. I think I figured out where I have gone wrong though. You see, I have this problem. I can’t stand playing a Rogue (or Rouge just to annoy Garen). I am not busting on those who like that class, I just am not one of them. The whole energy and combo points mechanic just did not click with me.

When I started up an alt of a different class I would read everything I could about them. Everything I read about Druids said “level as feral, cat form is your best friend once you get it”. I was following conventional wisdom about what was “the best” way to level and failing miserably.

I would hit 20 and get cat form. Then burn out quicky once I started playing using a Rogue mechanic.

After I realized this I decided on a bit of an experiment. I rolled yet another Druid, and this time I am leveling as Balance.

Now I just need someone who has done it to post about talent and gear choices for leveling that way.

It remains to be seen weather this one is yet another failure or will end up as a boomkin joining the team later this year.

6 Responses

  1. My druid leveled as full resto myself, and I loved every minute of it, though I dunno if many other people are as crazy as I am…

  2. So far my druid is only level 25, I love the druid class, but just can’t get away from my hunter. Good luck.

  3. Softi leveled as balance waaaay back when, but that was when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! lol 🙂

    Enjoy your druid – they are awesome!

  4. For leveling Balance, obviously int and stamina come in handy as you are soloing. Pick up some spell power where you can. It is pretty much like gearing a mage….only in leather.

  5. Definately not planning on replacing my pack of hunters, but I am having a good time leveling so far.

  6. Yay another alter.

    I started playing my rogue again last night and having another low char is awosme.

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