I wonder…

Why, oh why, do I keep doing this to myself.

I know that my playtime is limited. I know that time is short before the expansion.

Assuming I spend the majority of my time leveling and perhaps take one night out of the week to raid it will take me in the neighborhood of 4 months to level a new character to 70. That translates into roughly 9 1/2 days played. I know it is possible to do it faster, much faster in fact. I simply take a while.

My oldest main is Dekado, the 70 troll hunter. I leveled him in the blazing time of 25 days played. I had lots of fun with him but the group I run with decided to reroll Alliance.

Enter Morham (once Dechion) my Human priest. leveled in a bit over 13 days played he became (and still is) my raiding main. I enjoy healing, but I don’t really care for running him solo. I missed the soloing with my hunter so instead of going back Horde side I rolled another.

And then there was Drupadi. Draeni huntress and my most recent 70. Leveling her took almost 10 days played. Better by far then earlier but still a serious time commitment. She hit the level cap and finished up getting her epic flyer (a first on any of my toons) about 2 weeks before Dechion was mysteriously drawn to another server, being renamed Morham in the process. You see there was already a Dechion there…

So now I am working on yet another hunter. Yet again a Dreani, this time male. I am sitting at about 1day played and level 26 right now. Why not just ship over Drupadi you ask? Well you see my daughter played on my old server and I want to keep a toon there to help her out from time to time. So it looks like I am back in the leveling saddle again.

I wonder if Dechion will make the finish line before Wrath hits. I also wonder how many level 80’s I’ll end up when its all said and done.

2 Responses

  1. I can totally relate 🙂

  2. […] Here I wondered if my newest hunter, Dechion, would make 70 before Wrath hit. The answer? No he did not. He in fact made 60 Wednesday evening and is now parked in the inn at Honor Hold waiting for me to get back to him. […]

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