Seasons change.

Some time ago I wrote a comparison to The Ant and the Grasshopper.

I talked of how some folks were stockpiling gold and materials in preparation for the upcoming expansion. I looked at how some were more interested in just having fun in the now and counting on the future to take care of itself. Looking back at my opinion of things then I realised my outlook was very different than it was roughly 4 months ago when I first posted.

 There is a grasshopper inside me. This side of me understands that one day people will be leveling all the way from 1 to 80 (and beyond) in one long stretch. The game designers know this as well. The early zones have to be set up so that a fresh 70 in quest greens will have a good chance at questing and leveling there. In short I am ridiculously over-geared for the quests I will be doing. This is the side of me is that keeps telling me to just run, play and have a good time.

Then there is the ant. His voice has been getting stronger and stronger lately. It whispers in the back of my mind, telling me that things would be so much easier later if I just did a little work today. “Remember the death knight you plan to level? Well he will need cloth for first aid, ore for blacksmithing, gold for training and flight skills.” It reasons. I know I have limited playtime, I understand and expect that most of my friends and guildies will make it to 80 before me. The nagging voice tries to convince me that my work now may help me keep up later.

So that is how I find myself this morning. Sitting at the computer, notebook close at hand, listing how many stacks of linen cloth and copper ore I will need in the bank when winter gets here.

3 Responses

  1. I’m not sure if the “stacks of linen cloth” comment is to be taken literally or metaporhically, but Wowwiki says that Death Knights will start with First Aid at skill level 270. So you’ll be able to pick right up with Runecloth.

  2. Nice catch, yes I was speaking metaporically. I am however making lists of the crafting materials I will need to level trade skills on both the Death Knight and my upcoming Hunter.

  3. Even though I have . that period amt of knowledge about WOW (mainly from hearing little Ed talk about it), I think your post is very well written! have fun questing. I haven’t quested since EverQuest back in like 2000?

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