The Zombies ate my post

I had a post written for today, honest.

It was well thought out, meticulously detailed, insightful, and hilarious. everything you have come to not expect from reading my blog.

Then it happened. I logged in to check for something in the auction house. I am scanning away, looking for a potion that Dechion needs for a quest. Out of the blue the auctioneer changed.

Right before my eyes the scourge took hold of him, and he became a zombie. He hungered for brains. Mostly because they are the foundation of a healthy zombie diet, as illustrated below.



My poor banker had no chance. He is a city dweller, A civilian, lacking even a weapon to defend himself with as the zombies closed in. With no where to run and no where to hide he chose to face down the oncoming evil with nothing but his bare hands. He was determined to go down swinging, and go down he did.

You see, that is what happened to my post. I was thinking about what to write at the time he was in the auction house. Then they dropped him like a bad habit and proceeded to use him for a snack.

So you get stuck with this today, Because the zombies ate my brains.

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  1. Okay, that’s worth a giggle or two! I’m still looking forward to the zombie raid on a capital.

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